Jul 17, 2017

What is the behaviour you would like to modify? The Behaviour that you choose to modify is called the target behaviour?

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Social Sciences: Introductory to Psychology


This will be attempt to apply the principles of learning theory to yourself in an effort to achieve improvement of change in a particular behaviour. Question: What is the behaviour you would like to modify? The Behaviour that you choose to modify is called the target behaviour? Characteristics of Self Modification 1.Concentration on an observable behaviour 2.Application of basic learning principles 3.A heavy emphasis on positive and negative re-enforcement 4. You design and implement your own program.( No therapist is required) Basic Procedure: 1.Specify the target behaviour. Define the problem in terms of behaviour in specific situation. Translate vague, abstract statements into actual behaviours. 2.Make observation of: a.how aften target behaviour occurs?(helpful to do in graph form) b. the antecedents that precede it c.the consequences that follow it 3.Form a plan to eliminate an undesirable behaviour and replace it with desirable one. Arrange situations to increase your chances to perform desirable behaviour and reduce the undesirable behaviour. 4.Utilize friends or family members to assist you in monitoring or enforcing your program. 5.Summarize the results of your Program in regards to target behaviour. Note: Most important on this assignment "ON HOW WELL YOU HAVE DEVELOPED AND IMPLEMENTED YOUR PROGRAM.". Source: WORLD OF PSYCHOLOGY BY SAMUEL E. WOOD DSM-5 UPDATE EDITION


Procrastination Name: Institution: Date: One of the negative behaviors that I have developed over the course of my education and career is procrastination(Mindtools.com, 2015). Ideally, anytime I want to carry out a certain task, I find myself putting it off to a later date or time; not specifically committing to accomplish the tasks’ objectives. Usually, I put off the basic tasks that I am supposed to be working and take on the less demanding ones and those that I enjoy most. It is known to affect ones potential and disrupt career goals. As such I would not like the behavior to become chronic and thus I want to take the necessary steps to eradicate the problem as soon as possible. I have continuously observed the behavior takes place quite often. It may happen more than three times a week, where the tough tasks are pushed off to a later date and the lighter tasks take precedence(Sas.calpoly.edu, 2015). As such, if there are assignments that need to be completed and a movie that I really want to watch, I find mys


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