Aug 11, 2017

what is managed care and where did it come from?

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BHS450 Managed Care..Case...Mod 3

A few years ago, some opined that managed care was either dead or nearly dead. Years later, managed care seems stronger than ever, or is it? After reading the background information, conduct additional research and respond to the below questions. Assignment expectations: 1. Explain what is managed care and where did it come from? 2. Discuss the current state of managed care in the U.S. health care system. 3. Briefly explain some of the potential impact of health care reform initiatives on managed care in the U.S. 4. Limit your paper to a maximum of 3 pages. be sure to properly cite all references. Case assignment expectations: Please be sure to cite all sources and provide a reference list at the end of the paper (at least 3 references). The length of your paper should be 2-3 pages typed and single-spaced. Please prepare your work using appropriate format. Required Readings Ferris, T. G., et al. (2001). Leaving Gatekeeping Behind — Effects of Opening Access to Specialists for Adults in a Health Maintenance Organization. New England Journal of Medicine 345 (18), 1312-1317. Retrieved May 2, 2012 from PLEASE READ ABSTRACT ONLY. Scandlen, G. (2005). Consumer-driven health care: Just a tweak or a revolution? Health Affairs 24(6), 1554. Website Resources NCQA (2008). Managed Care Organizations, Accreditation MCO. Retrieved from May 2, 2012 New York Health Plan Association (2011). Managed Care vs. FFS Chart. Retrieved May 2, 2012 from URAC (2011). General Questions About URAC Accreditation. Retrieved May 2, 2012 from Optional Readings Gitterman, D. P. (2000). The president and the power of the purchaser: Consumer protection and managed care in the United States. California Management Review 43 (1); 103. Tietze, M. F. and Sinha, S. K. (2003). Impact of managed care on healthcare delivery practices: The perception of healthcare administrators and clinical practitioners/Practitioner application. Journal of Healthcare Management 48 (5); pg. 311.
MANAGED HEALTH CARE Student Name: Student ID: Course Title: Course Code: Course Instructor: Section: Institution: Date: Introduction In the United States, the term managed health care or managed care is applied to express an array of different concepts and techniques aimed at reducing the cost of providing health services as well as improving the service quality. Various health organizations and service providers use these techniques. Sometimes they even offer the techniques to other organizations which are often called Managed Care Organization (MCO). The United States National Library of Medicine defined managed health care program as an initiative or program of reducing unnecessary costs in the health care system by using assortment of mechanisms which include economic inducements and motivations for the patients and physicians to choose less expensive forms of health care, different programs and techniques for reviewing and improving the medical requirements in specific services, sharing amplified beneficiary rates, controls and monitoring the admissions of the patients and lengths of their staying in the hospitals, the issues of cost sharing as well as reasons for outpatient surgery. The health care programs and strategies may be provided in different settings within different systems, like Preferred Provider Organizations and Health Maintenance Organizations. The very first attempt of the managed care system was initiated with the Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973 which introduced the growth of Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). However, it was not until the late 1980s when the managed care system became popular and started to be credited widely. The organizations used managed care introduced several cost effective steps, like reducing needless hospitalizations and forcing the organizations that provide hea...

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