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what is a mystery cult? What do they have to do with Christianity?

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Western Civilization I: Art during the Roman Empire


History 101 Western Civilization I M. Maher

For this assignment, use your main text, Western Civilizations, Third Brief Edition, to answer the

following questions. Make sure and discuss all of the questions with your group.

1. Before reading the caption, look at the following images listed below (get out a

blank piece of paper to cover up the description). Describe what you see. What do

you think is the meaning of the image?

Then read the caption, how close were your observations to the text? Do you agree

with the text? Why and why not? Provide some context from the readings.

p. 102

p. 109

p. 120


p. 186 (two images)

p. 217

2. From p. 136-137, what is a mystery cult? What do they have to do with Christianity?

3. From pp. 122-123, Two Views of Augustus’ Rule, combine the two accounts to come

up with your own account of Augustus’ life.

4. From p. 140-141, The Development of an Imperial Policy Towards Christians, can

you figure out what it is that the Christians are doing wrong? How can one be

pardoned? Should the Romans use anonymous informants to hunt down these



Name: Professor: Subject: Date: Art during the Roman Empire 1. Art Interpretation Page 102 I see a man seemingly having difficulty or in pain. The contours of his muscles and hair are very finely sculpted. You can see the veins in his feet and arms in detail. The artist wants us to have empathy and compassion for the man who appears to be having difficulty in his health and undergoing emotional depression. When I read the caption I realized that my impression was close to the message of the caption. Considering the “otherness” of Celtics from the Romans and considering that the Gauls are treated as barbarians, Hellenistic philosophy as inspired by this art manifests the capacity to look beyond differences in race and culture and look at the universality of what it means to be human. Thus Rome became an advanced culture because to be Roman transcends the narrow provincial boundaries of birthplace. In this sense, any human being can achieve the status of being a Ro


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