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What internal management issues can affect the prominence that diversity gets or doesn’t get on an organization’s Web site?

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Website Review: Columbia-Presbyterian NY Hospital Website


Evaluate how accessible diversity-related material is on the Columbia-Presbiterian NY hospital Web site. Is there a direct link from the home page? What type of results does entering the term “diversity” in a search box yield? Or, do you have to explore on your own? Sometimes searching under “careers” or “press releases” may produce some diversity-related results. On some Web sites, you will have to explore deeply into Web pages to find material related to diversity. What does this say about the organization’s commitment to diversity?
Evaluate the usefulness of the diversity information to potential employees, customers, and suppliers. Is the diversity material related to the organization’s business case for diversity, core values, mission, etc. the way that the organization does business? How current is the diversity-related material?
Assume that you are a) a potential employee, b) a potential customer and c) a potential supplier or subcontractor. What perceptions might you have about this organization’s commitment to diversity based solely on the Web site? Looking at this Web site, do you think that it encourages or discourages diverse employees to apply for jobs in this organization? Why or why not?
What internal management issues can affect the prominence that diversity gets or doesn’t get on an organization’s Web site?
Are there any diversity awards listed on the Web site? If so, review the criteria and selection process as presented in the Allard article on awards (from the textbook) or if the award is not mentioned in that article. Evaluate the value of the award through the sponsoring organization’s Web site.
If you were a (female, over 55, racial minority, person with a physical challenge, gay or lesbian, etc.) job applicant and you have read an ad for job opening for which you are fully qualified. Based on your audit of the company web site what perceptions might you have of this company before you even walk in the door? Would you still apply for the job? Why or why not?


Website Review: Columbia-Presbyterian NY Hospital Website Name: Institution: Course Title: Instructor: Date: Website Review: Columbia-Presbyterian NY Hospital Website Introduction In the current increasingly competitive business environment, organizations are striving to survive in the industry. Effective human resource management has become one of the critical tools that managers use to gain a competitive advantage and enhance organizational performance. Notably, in today’s globalized business environment, diversity is a critical tool for the global managers to address the needs of all-inclusive employees. Diversity refers to valuing, understanding, acknowledging, and accepting the disparities or differences among the organization’s employees in terms of with respects to race, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, class, age, spiritual practice, ethnicity, class, gender, and public assistance status (Cunningham & Green, 2007). The concept of diversity comprises of respect and acceptance of people’s differences. It implies recognizing people’s uniqueness and acknowledging their individual differences. The manner in which an organization addresses the issue of diversity can determine the success or failure of that organization. In the current organization, diversity is not only depicted in the workplace but also in the organization’s website. The intention of this essay is to review the Columb...

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