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What events push Astrid to take part in risky and destructive behaviors?

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White Oleander by Janet Fitch Analysis


Essay prompt from English Professor:

Some themes in "White Oleander" by Janet Fitch, are: Love, Hate, Truth, Deception, Manipulation, Self-Discovery and murder. "White Oleander" is an epic tale about a young girl, Astrid, who was ripped away from her mother, Ingrid, at a very young age and forced onto the path of self-discovery all by herself.

Directions: Choose only one of the following two choices and write a well written essay.

Choice #1: What events push Astrid to take part in risky and destructive behaviors? What does this tell us about Astrid`s development as a character? Use evidence from the novel to prove your point.

Choice #2: Helplessness is a theme in the novel. Which characters are helpless, other than Astrid? In what ways is Astrid helpless.


1). 4 Full Pages.

2). Times New Roman Font.

3). 1 inch margins all around.

4). A Separate Page for the Work Cited Page.

Notes from me the Student: The book is "White Oleander" by Janet Fitch, its the Mti edition and the ISBN-10: 0316284955.


Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Code Date of Submission Literary Analysis: "White Oleander: by Janet Fitch The novel ‘White Oleander’ was written by Janet Fitch in the year 1999. The novel is a representation of the social challenges that a child under foster care goes through. The social challenges in the novel create a sympathetic tone throughout the story whereby the novel tries to find a solution towards the social challenges. The story in the novel entails the life of a young woman who struggles to grow up and go through social challenges. The young woman in the novel is known as Astrid Magnussen. She comes of age through a series of social hardships that make her strong in her life (Fitch 5). She at times mourned her hardships but she had to focus on her future through perseverance. The suffering of Astrid in the novel presents the theme of helplessness in the novel’s plot. Besides Astrid, there are other characters who re helpless in one of the novel’s situations. The essay aims at showing the theme of helplessness as presented by various characters in the novel and more specifically as presented by Astrid. Helplessness is a term that is used to define a condition of lack of support that one faces due to ignorance of othe


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