Jul 20, 2017

what ethical responsibilities does the company have towards you?

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Merger of Halliburton / Baker-Hughes


Aron SegalExtra credit assignmentSelect an article from current news reports (current is defined as having come to print during the courseof the current quarter). Write a three-to-four page, typed, double-spaced paper responding to thefollowing prompt. Evaluate the article as if you are an investor or creditor of the company: what is your opinion of the company’s situation, what about the situation is of concern to you, and what ethical responsibilities does the company have towards you?A minimal amount of restatement of the article is necessary, but this should not exceed ½ of one page.While an abstract is not expected, your paper should follow the standard format of stating a thesis,providing support for that thesis and drawing a conclusion from the support.Your completed assignment will be worth up to 5 points and will be graded using the based on thecontent, editing, and organization. The assignment must be completed and submitted to turnitin.comno later than the date listed on the course schedule in order to receive credit. Late papers will not beaccepted.


Name Course Instructor Date Report: Merger of Halliburton/ Baker-Hughes Introduction Recently, there has a slump in oil prices, with prices now below $ 80 per barrel, and there have been questions on whether oil companies will maintain their profitability if the prices fall below $ 70. The fall in prices has been associated with a supply glut in the American market, but relieance on fracking and oil shale wells may not be sustainable as they are more expensive to operate than conventional wells. It is projected that there is a likelihood that there will be energy consolidation, with bigger companies buying smaller ones and diversifying there areas of operations in oil and gas industry. This report focuses on the merger of Halliburton and Baker-Hughes, and highlights on ethical responsibilities towards investors. Summary of article Reports that Halliburton (HAL) would


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