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What does a client expert you to do when meeting him or her?

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Expectations and Stereotypes


Expectations and Stereotypes.  Please speak in first person which is me


In summary, working with clients is an ongoing process that involves time, continuous effort, and good communication skills, along with good social work technique. Be aware of your expectations, and determine if they are realistic and reasonable. Also be sure that there is open dialogue with your clients about your intern status at the agency. Make sure you are dear about the difference between stereotypes and generalizations, and try to disregard and eliminate stereotypes. Make use only of generalizations that apply to the client in front of you.


What does a client expert you to do when meeting him or her?
Research What question could you study to determine what stereotypes clients have about social workers? Or, how would you make generalizations about social workers?

Stereotypes are negative responses to someone, based on our previous experience or knowledge base. Generalizations are an attempt to lay a foundation about a specific group, so that you have”s6me working knowledge about people; they never apply to everyone in a group. Generalizations should always be checked out before you assume them to be true for the person sitting in front of you.
An example of a stereotype would be that all alcoholics are skid-row bums. An example of a generalization would be that most alcoholics don`t seek treatment when their lives have become unmanageable—for some that means a lot of fighting with significant people in their lives, the loss of jobs, or loss of all their money and consequept legal trouble. Do you see the difference?
Thinkof the specific population your internship serves. Give a generalization and a stereotype for them. Compare your answers with others.


EXPECTATIONS AND STEREOTYPES [student’s name] [course] [date] Expectations and Stereotypes I have been working really hard for this course, and I realized that one of my most important expectations is that I will get an A. I think that this is realistic considering the effort I put in to meet all course requirements, and all that I am willing to give to perform well at my agency. Of course, I realize that there will be a lot of challenges along the way, especially since this is my first time to really apply what I learned in school. I may make mistakes, but I expect that my professor, and my supervisor in particular will walk me around the processes being followed in the agency, as well as provide me with pertinent information that I will need in order to successfully fulfill my role. Just like most social workers, I, too have stereotypes of my clients: (1) Asian males are chauvinistic, (2) Asian parents are strict, (3) Asians have bad English, (4) males are disrespectful of women. Perhaps the most important legislation that prevents social workers like me from acting on our stereotypes is the Civil Rights Act of 19


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