Jul 20, 2017

What do both authors reveal about academic institutions? Why do they expose controversial issues within the “ivory tower”?

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Chicanos in Academe



In Paper #1 you wrote an analysis of one author’s argument. Now, in Paper #2 you will write about two authors’ arguments. Here you will analyze the arguments made by Tatcho Mindiola, Jr. in “Getting Tenure at The U,” and Adalberto Aguirre, Jr. in “A Chicano Farmworker in Academe”. Additionally, you will make your own claim about the relationship between the two authors’ arguments (essay and film) and support that claim with grounds drawn from the two articles. Questions to consider to help formulate your own argument: What do both authors reveal about academic institutions? Why do they expose controversial issues within the “ivory tower”? How do they provide a critique on the myth of meritocracy?


This assignment requires you to think about each individual argument and then make a claim about the relationship(s) that you can infer from those arguments. For example, does the information in the first article act as an extended illustration of the generalizations in the second source, or does it offer a counter-argument to the claim made in the second article?

Note: you are writing an argument synthesis for this assignment. You must make a claim and support that claim with grounds drawn from the sources assigned. Merely comparing and contrasting the two sources will not satisfy the goals of this assignment.

When discussing the relationship between these texts

  • Make sure to incorporate your analysis of the authors` relevant claims, sub-claims, grounds and warrants.


  • Make a claim about how each argument works within, extends, complicates, and/or challenges the other. There are many other actions to consider in addition to those provided here. Your claim should be both arguable and engaged with both texts` arguments.


  • Support your claim with textual evidence. Be sure to attribute quotations, paraphrases and ideas appropriately. When in doubt, ask for clarification. Include a Works Cited page formatted according to MLA style. The Works Cited page is not included in the page count minimum.


Remember to use MLA citation style and follow the paper format indicated on the syllabus. Your drafts must have the minimum number of full pages (from the top to the bottom of the page), otherwise the paper does not count as a full draft and will not be accepted. While the other arguments we read for class may inform how you think about these arguments, use only information from the assigned articles. Do not use or consult secondary sources to support your claim. 



** there will be 2 sources attached for this essay (double spaced) This is a synthesis argument paper. needs to include the "road map". engaging ideas, thesis, sub claims, grounds, and warrants. plus for someone who is familiar with toulmin method. this class is mixed with with a chicanos studies class.learning about discrimination, gender, and labor inequalities. my second year in college - english 101 i need the essay in 8 hours. thank you!!!!!!!! roadmap needs to be in the introduction



Chicanos in Academe Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Chicanos in Academe This paper provides an analysis of the arguments made by Adalberto Aguirre. Jr. in A Chicano Farmworker in Academe, and Tatcho Mindiola, Jr. in Getting Tenure at the U. Moreover, my claim about the relationship between the arguments of the two authors is made, and the claim is supported using grounds from the articles. The main discussion is to put across claims that add up to the main thesis of the paper which I state as: The practice of perpetuating and fueling the myth that minorities are not completely qualified for academic positions, of employing underrepresented minorities for only particular specialized ethnic departments, and of limiting the numbers of minorities in mainstream departments are clear manifestations of racism (Aguirre 21). Arguments made by Aguirre. Jr. in A Chicano Farmworker in Academe In the article, the author makes three main arguments. Aguirre argues that the purposeful segregation of some people from total participation in academe is really an unpleasant thought. According to Aguirre (18), the working-class background, race, ethnicity, and gender are vital in shaping the presence of an individual in academe. The author argues that these status attributes actually change people into strangers in academe – the working class, minorities and women. The social expectations such as the ones which structure the ordering and sorting of these status attrib...

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