Jan 17, 2018

What demographic and data did you use to help with your decision?

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.equella.ecollege.com/file/a53b6a26-622c-4122-b63d-0a5bb322c869/3/HOSP450_CH_CourseProject.html”>Course Project


The course project for this class will entail
your plan to carry out a tourism activity that focuses on one of the following

Event Tourism


Gay, Lesbian,
Transgender Tourism

Leisure Tourism

Ethnic Travel

Religious tourism


Sports Tourism

Educational Tourism


You are to select one of the above topics and
submit a well-thought-out proposal for a trip, taking in consideration the cost
of the program, the characteristics and needs of the target audience, and the
learning goals of the activity. You will also need to prepare a marketing piece
to sell the activity to your target market and build excitement for the trip.


Components of the Course

Project Rationale

How and why did you
choose the activity?

What research did you
conduct to arrive at this decision?

What demographic and
data did you use to help with your decision?


What do you hope to
achieve with this trip?

Do you believe this plan
will succeed in the long run?

Create a SWOT analysis.

Overall Plan

Overview of the program




Competitor information:
are there other providers already doing this?


Potential problems

Staffing, resources, and
facilities needed

Participant and staff

Marketing Plan

How will you market your
trip to your demographics?

What are some challenges
you are expecting in the area of marketing?

You will need to create
an elaborate marketing plan for this part of the project.


How will you determine
that you achieved your goals?

How will you evaluate
your participant response?

Is this trip profitable?
What can you do to make it even more profitable?


Course Project Part 1 –
due Week 2 – 60 pts: submit your rationale and goals

Course Project Part 2 –
due Week 4 – 60 pts: submit your plan and troubleshooting

Course Project Part 3 –
due Week 6 – 60 pts: submit your marketing plan and evaluation

Each part of the Course
Project should be at least 1,200 words in length.

Each part of the Course
Project should be accompanied by a cover page and APA source citation at the

Grading Rubrics





Documentation and Formatting



Completion of paper to be focused
on the review of the best practices included below and the instruction above.

Organization and Cohesiveness



The logical order of the content
will be derived from best practices listed below. The content will be
properly subdivided into sections derived from this document.




A quality paper will be free of
any spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors. Sentences and paragraphs
will be clear, concise, and factually correct.




A quality paper will have
significant scope and depth of research to support any statements. Relevant
illustration or examples are encouraged. A quality project will employ sound
use of reasoning and logic to reinforce conclusions.




A quality paper will meet or
exceed all of the above requirements.

Best Practices

Cover Page for each part: Include the course name and number, who
you prepared the paper for, your name, and the date.

Body of Your Report: Use a header titled with the name of your
project. Example: “Trip Marketing Plan.” Then proceed to break out
the main ideas.

State the main ideas: State major points in each idea, and
provide evidence. Break out each main idea you will use in the body of your
paper. Show some type of division, such as separate sections that are labeled,
separate groups of paragraphs, or headers. You should include the information
you found during your research and investigation.

Work Cited: Use APA format.

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