Jan 12, 2018

What conservative ideas do you find expressed in the article? Why do you call them conservative?

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need original
words discussion in reference to below, and you must support your assertions
with at least 1 citation in current APA format.

Unlike some foreign cultures (e.g., India,
etc.), there is not a formal social class structure in the United States.
However, there are certainly distinctions made in some communities according to
demographics such as: education, wealth, race, religion, and gender. How have
you seen this in your own community? In your work place? How does this apply to
Christians who are “all one in Christ Jesus” (Gal 3:28b, NIV)?

Topic: Applying the Concepts of Conservatismand

Thread: First, visit the
website for .nationalreview.com/” title=”National Review Online”>National Review Online. This is a leading
conservative magazine and articles are written from various points on the
conservative spectrum. Occasionally, it may disagree with a point on the
lecture outline of liberal and conservative views. Select an article to review.
If there are no suitable articles at the National Review Magazine website, you
may select an article from .realclearpolitics.com/?state=nwa” title=”Real Clear Politics”>Real Clear Politics.
Alternatively, you may look at copies of the magazine at a bookstore or college
library and choose an article that way. Select an article that is at least 800

Second, review the concepts in the lecture on conservatism and liberalism. You
must refer to the presentations to receive full credit.

Third, identify the key themes of the article. Compare these with what you have
learned about conservatism and liberalism. What conservative ideas do you find
expressed in the article? Why do you call them conservative? Are any liberal
points present in the article? If so, what are they? Why do you call them

Your thread must consist of 2 paragraphs. In the first paragraph, you must
summarize the content of the article and identify the thesis of the author. In
the second paragraph, you must give the analysis, explaining why the article
should be considered conservative or liberal based on the presentations.

Remember: Do not simply summarize the article. Instead, analyze its main ideas.
Demonstrate that you can apply the conceptual material provided in the
presentation outline and your textbook to actual writings you might encounter
outside of this course.

Your thread must offer several points of analysis and demonstrate that you have
reviewed the presentation by making references to the points from the
presentation. Select an article that is long enough to give you sufficient
points upon which to write. Include the author and title of the article you
choose and cite the source.

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