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What class did this woman belong to?

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Maria Angustias De La Guerra Ord

I would like to include in my essay the challenges that she faced as a women. This is for my women`s studies history class. The book I am reading is "Through Women`s Eyes", also I would like to use as a refernce her book "Occurences in Hispanic California, by Augustias de la Guerra Ord, published 1956. Heavily foot noted in her own words. adding instructions on 10.10.2012 Hello: Now my professor has given us some additional guidelines for our essay. Can you please give these items to the essay writer to include in my essay. 1). Provide a brief bio of your subject years when they lived, a significance of the era in which they lived; i.e. colonial, revolutionary, antebellum, post civil war, gilded age, early 20th century, etc. 2). What class did this woman belong to? (lower, middle upper middle, entirely wealthy)? 3). What roles for woman of her class, and their significant struggles in her lifetime? 4). What contributions did she make to women in general., and to her cohort group in particular? 5). Conclude by stating how she impressed you. Make a list of her significant attributes and contributions to women`s rights in her time and perhaps to future generations. ( I WAS IMPRESSED WITH THE FACT RIGHT AFTER GIVING BIRTH SHE TOOK A FELLOW COUNTRY MAN "SOLDIER" INTO HER HOME TO HIDE HIM FROM BEING KILLED BY THE OPPOSING SOLDIERS). If he/she needs an additional day or two that is fine. I need it by Sunday the 14Th now. Please let me know what day you will be emailing so I can look for it.
Women`s Studies:Maria Angustias De La Guerra Ord(Student`s Name)(Course Code/Number)(Name of Professor)(Date of Submission)Women`s Studies:Maria Angustias De La Guerra OrdIntroductionThe history of mankind is one that is filled with stories of injustices and inequities, which have shaped people and nations. Indeed, from these stories of injustices came the greatest tales of heroism and revolution. Yet during the time in which they were occurring, events and things were not as pretty and adventurous as they were later portrayed in history books. In fact, some tales often go unheard for a long period of time. One such case of the lack of acknowledgement involves the contribution of women in the history of America, especially California.When historian Howe Bancroft sent out data gatherers and interviewers in the 1870s to collect stories from the pre-statehood population of California, he did not take into account women. Women as sources of history were only resorted to as an afterthought when men were not available for interviews CITATION Ell08 l 1033 (DuBois & Dumenil, 2008). Still, these accounts from the women of California were not included in the published historical books and were instead archived at the University of California, where they remained forgotten and untranslated until recent years.One of the stories included in these accounts is that of Maria Angustias De La Guerra Ord. Thus, in relation, this paper is an attempt to explore her life, her people, and the history of our nation through the eyes of a woman who witnessed the drastic change her country went through. This paper will first look into a brief biography of Maria Angustias De La Guerra Ord, followed by an exploration of her social class, the roles that she played as a member of her social class, and the struggles that she, as well as her fellow females went through as part of this social stratum. Most importantly, this paper will look into the significant contributions of Maria Angustias De La Guerra Ord.Brief Biographical BackgroundOn the 11th of June 1815, Maria Angustias De La Guerra Ord was born into the prestigious Spanish family of Jose de la Guerra and Maria Antonia Carrillo. Before her parents` union, Maria Angustia`s father, dubbed “El Capitan” by the Californians, had to acquire a Royal permission for him to be able to marry Maria Antonia Carrillo. Around one and a half month after she was born, Maria Angustia`s family moved to Santa Barbara, California, where her father took up the post of the commander of the Presidio. It is in here that Maria Angustias was exposed to the different intricacies and dynamics of politics and the intrigue that comes with it.Around the year 1833, Maria Angustias married Manuel Jimeno Casarin, and they moved to California`s then-capital, Monterey. Casarin served numerous government positions throughout his career, including governor, senior member of the Assembly, and even Secretary of State CITATION Dia93 l 1033 (Telge...

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