Jan 13, 2018

What barriers does HRM continue to face today? What will HRM face going forward?

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devry hrm590 week 1 discussion dq
1& dq 2 latest 2016 may

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HRM Trends (graded)

This course provides a general overview of HRM and its many
functions. HRM has transitioned over the last couple of decades from back
office support to strategic partner. Review some major trends that have
impacted HRM over the last 20 years. What barriers does HRM continue to face
today? What will HRM face going forward?

dq 2

Strategic HRM (graded)

Over the last decade, HRM has made a dramatic transformation in
companies. Describe how HRM has changed itself from personnel to human resource
management. What strategic changes did HRM make? Provide an example of how HRM
is a strategic partner in your current line of work.

devry hrm590 week 2 discussion dq 1& dq 2 latest 2016 may

dq 1

Employment Laws (graded)

Research a specific employment law. Thoroughly describe the law
and its purpose (do not copy and paste research content; this should be
described in your own words). Explain how the law has impacted employment. Do
not duplicate law reviews. It is your responsibility to check your classmates’
postings before posting your own.

dq 2

HRM Legal Compliance (graded)

With HRM becoming a strategic partner, this has an additional
responsibility to insure legal compliance in HRM practices. Choose an HRM
function and identify HRM’s responsibilities related to legal compliance.
Review a case study where compliance was disregarded and describe the results.

devry hrm590 week 3 discussion dq 1& dq 2 latest 2016 may

dq 1

Job Analysis (graded)

After reviewing the Week 2 tutorial, what value does creating task
and KSA statements bring to job analysis? Find another job analysis model and
thoroughly describe the model (do not copy and paste information; provide a summary).
Be sure to check your classmates’ postings before submitting your own–there
should be no duplicates. Use the model your current HRM department uses, or
find one through research. Be sure to include the source so we may review the

dq 2

Forecasting and Planning (graded)

As part of the strategic partnership HRM has now formed with the
business, we must create an HRM plan that aligns with the company’s business
plan. Share all the information you would need to begin creating your strategic
HRM plan. Describe how forecasting and planning will fit in your HRM plan. Be
sure to link all of your HRM plan components to a business strategy.

devry hrm590 week 4 discussion dq 1& dq 2 latest 2016 may

dq 1

Strategic Staffing (graded)

Strategic staffing requires planning and forecast. You have been
asked to outline a strategic plan for a new retail business. First, what
information might you need to plan for this strategic plan? Second, provide an
introduction to your strategic plan, which will convince your leadership team
that you’re on the right track.

dq 2

Employee Socialization and Retention (graded)

Employee socialization is one method that can increase employee
retention. Why? Now that you’ve provided a summary of your strategic staffing
plan in the first discussion, explain how you plan to retain employees in a
traditionally high turnover industry (more money is not a plan).

devry hrm590 week 5 discussion dq
1& dq 2 latest 2016 may

dq 1

Performance Management (graded)

There are many performance management models available. Locate one
performance management model and describe the process (be sure to cite your
source and do not duplicate models already posted). Please do not copy and
paste information, but share the process and description in your own words.
Share why you chose this model and the value it would bring to a company.

dq 2

Evaluating Employee Performance (graded)

How do we remain objective in evaluating employee performance? How
do we objectively evaluate subjective skills such as communication and
performance? What process would you put into place to ensure compliance with
objectivity in evaluating employee performance?

devry hrm590 week 6 discussion dq
1& dq 2 latest 2016 may

dq 1

Pay for Performance/Salary Decisions (graded)

Most companies have moved to a pay for performance process when
making salary decisions. What components would you include in a pay for
performance compensation program? Thoroughly substantiate each component. What
legal aspects must you take into consideration when making salary decisions?

dq 2

Case Scenario (graded)

As the HR professional supporting a field team, you are reviewing
the salary decisions for the company’s annual reviews and pay treatment for one
of the manager’s supervisory team. This manager’s supervisory team consists of
three Caucasian men, two African-American females, two Hispanic men, and four
Hispanic females. You notice that 85% of this manager’s budget dollars have
been given to the three Caucasian male supervisors. Would you do anything? If
yes, what? If no, why not?

devry hrm590 week 7 discussion dq
1& dq 2 latest 2016 may

dq 1

HRM and Technology (graded)

Technology was a main contributor to HRM’s change from paper
pusher to strategic business partner. Describe how this occurred. Share at
least one example where technology has resulted in HRM becoming a strategic

dq 2

Global HRM (graded)

We are now in a global workplace. There are no longer boundaries
for customers or employees. Describe how this global workplace has changed
domestic work environments. Explain how HRM has contributed to the business
throughout this cultural change.

devry hrm590 all week course project latest 2016 may

Course Project: Recruiting, Hiring, Evaluating, and


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The final project is an accumulation of information from the
first seven weeks of this course, which you begin compiling in your Written
Assignments 1 and 2 (see details below). Your final paper will be based on these
assignments, instructor feedback provided, into a final product that you would
deliver and review with your HRM leadership team and employee(s). I encourage
you to read all the assignments to understand the process expectations. Your
role is an HR manager in creating these assignments.

Grading Rubrics

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Written Assignment #1: Job Analysis – Due Week 3


To create a new job description for a new position in the
human resource department. This will require conducting a job analysis and then
writing a job description. The job will provide administrative support to a
10-employee HR office. The incumbent will act as the department receptionist.
Some duties include maintaining personnel files, performing administrative
functions for the office personnel, assisting the public and employees with
personnel questions, following company policy when dispensing information,
reviewing and processing forms for personnel changes, monitoring staff time and
payroll items, handling the HR director’s calendar, handling office mail,
filing, typing as requested, answering phones, and other duties as assigned.




Task Statements

Complete the Task Statement template posted in Doc Sharing.
Be sure the task statements are specific, time determined, and measurable. The
task statements are single task items. You do not want multiple tasks within
one task statement because that will make it difficult to identify the
knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) and to measure later for performance


KSA Statements

Complete the KSA Statement template posted in Doc Sharing.
You will take each Task Statement and identify the KSA needed for each task.
This helps determine the job level and required job skills.


Job Description

From the Task and KSA Statement templates, write a viable
job description with the following sections:

Job Summary

Essential Job Functions

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Education, Experience, Certifications, and Licenses

Environmental Factors and Conditions/Physical Requirements

Equipment and Tools Utilized


Literature Review

Find three scholarly articles that validate your job
analysis process. Provide a summary of your articles in a 2–3 page paper
following proper writing style and formatting as described in the Best
Practices section below. Be sure to properly cite and reference your sources.
There should be no copied material in any section of this assignment.


Paper Mechanics

Follow Guidelines and Best Practices sections below.



Submit the following:

Completed Task Statement template (25 points)

Completed KSA Statement template (25 points)

Job description (25 points)

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