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What arguments were made by its proponents?

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Financial and Political impact of slavery on America from 1700 to 1865


Make sure it is 100% plagiarized free. Cite 3 different sources. Can be up to 5 citations if needed. Question 3 is the main question. I would like the argument that it did make economic sense. 

1. What arguments were made by its proponents? 

2. What were the arguments against it? 

3. Did the existence of slavery make economic sense? (Main Question) 

4. Could slavery have been ended without resorting to war?

5. Can the racial issues that we still face today be linked directly to slavery? (I want this answer to be yes)

6. If so, should African-Americans today receive financial remuneration for the wrongs that existed then? (I would like this answer to be no)


Name Instructor Course Date Financial and Political Impact of Slavery on America from 1700 to 1865 Slavery occurred for thousands of years, in all sorts of societies and all parts of the world. To envision human social life without it required an unexpected effort. Its proponents advanced various ideas as to why it was not supposed to be abolished. They said that slavery was ordinary. People vary, and they expected those who were superior in a convinced way, for instance, intellect, morality, knowledge or capacity for fighting will make themselves the masters of those who are inferior in this respect. They also believed that every society on earth has slavery. The unspoken effect is that every society must have slavery. The omnipresence of an institution seems to many people to institute captivating proof of its obligation. The slaves are not capable of taking care of themselves. They also believed that without rulers, the slaves will die off. They were of the opinion that where the ordinary people were free, they were even worse off than slaves (Vorenberg 124). Getting rid of slavery would juncture considerable bloodshed and other evils in the society. In the United States, many people presumed that the slaveholders would never license the termination of the slave system without an all-out fight to preserve it. Without slavery, the former slaves would begin stealing, killing, and causing chaos. The proponents believed that protection of social order therefore ruled out t...

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