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What are those that should not be controlled by the government? Why?

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It is impossible to achieve perfect
competition because it has so many characteristics that may be impossible to
achieve in the real world. However, there are some examples which can be
approximated to achieve that perfect competition. Most examples of pure
competition are in the agricultural market. Consider running a grocery store at
the end of a street in a block of about three other grocery stores. This is a
product market that can be approximated to a perfect competition.

First of all there is
no restricted entry or exit to the market. Any person can open a new grocery store
without any restrictions by anyone whatsoever. Anyone can also leave the market
at their own discretion. This is an important feature in the pure competition
type of market; there is no restriction to the entry or exit of firms.
Secondly, each of the grocery stores sells standard goods. There is no
significant difference to the agricultural produce that each grocery store
produces. They sell fruits and vegetables and the quality of those items is
pretty much the same in each of them. This is also an important feature of the
perfect competition as they sell homogenous goods.

The third characteristic of the grocery
stores’ market is the fixed price. All the grocery stores sell their produce at
the same price for a given product. The price is pretty much the same for a
given bunch of fruits or vegetables for each grocery store because the
consumers determine the price that they are willing to pay. Finally, the market
of these grocery stores has many competitors. There are already 3 grocery
stores in just one block and therefore in a given area there could be even
more. Therefore, such a market with unregulated entry or exit is bound to
attract many competitors therefore making it a good approximation to the
perfect competition market.

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Thank you for your insights.

To what extent the grocery stores industry
can be characterized as a monopolistically competitive


production of many of the
goods that the united states usually import from Mexico causes pollution within
Mexico. This pollution is not fair to the Mexican people. The Mexican people
produce the goods for purpose of making extra income through exporting to the
United States. However, the extra income that they receive from the investment
and exportation is then used to cover the costs of pollution within their
country (Staib, 2011). The cost of pollution cuts down on their
profit making abilities because they have to meet these costs in order to
successfully operate. The extra pollution is not fair to the Mexican people
since it reduces their income through having to meet the extra cost to maintain
their environment. It is the duty of both parties to ensure a reduction of the
rate of pollution within the country, which will in the long run benefit both
of the countries.

When firms in Mexico
cause any form of pollution that crosses the border into the United
States, the residents along the United States border tend to be
affected negatively. The pollution is an external cost since the residents have
no ability of extracting payments for damages from Mexican pollutes.
However, there are different policies that the United States should
pursue in order to reduce this pollution. For example,
the United States should seek to address the formulation of policies
that will reduce pollution by Mexicans (Staib, 2011). The policies shall
be able to provide guidelines on the production process at the border in order
to affect one country from affecting the other. Further, the United
States should seek policies that define the consequences that shall apply
on the country that pollutes the environment affecting the other
country across the border, which may include compensation policies to
the affected residents as well as causing general pollution across
borders. These policies may play a major role in reducing the extent
of pollution that the countries may cause to each other across

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Thank you for your insights.

To what extent do you think a “cap and trade” system can be
effective to reduce pollution in Mexico?


There are different
reasons why citizens of some countries usually seem
to prefer biggergovernment while other citizens prefer
smaller governments. Citizens who prefer bigger government usually assume
that the bigger the government the more opportunities there may be in different
sectors such as education and business sectors. Lager
government tend to have more resources and more connection on performing
different responsibilities, which determines the activities that citizens may
engage themselves in. these are the opportunities that larger governments tend
to offer to citizens. On the other hand, some citizens usually prefer smaller
government for different reasons (Cavusgil, 2008). For example, some
citizens prefer smaller government since they offer smaller resistance o
conducting activities such as business activities. The reduced resistance and
increased support may favor some citizens compared to other who may feel
comfortable operating within larger governments.

There are
different factors that may prompt citizens of countries with
big governments to change their preferences in the direction of
smaller governments. For example, such citizens prefer smaller government
in order to ease the process of having approvals (Cavusgil, 2008). In
bigger government, the citizens may be forced to go through longer processes to
get approvals for performing different activities, unlike in
smaller governments where the processes are shorter. Further,
smaller governments are easy to coordinate and relate to compared to
larger governments that have many laws and regulations to confirm to.
However, the preference of the advantage of one government over the other is
different for different people

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Thank you for your insights.

What are the economic activities that should be controlled by
the government? What are those that should not be controlled by the government?

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