Jul 21, 2017

What are the values or priorities of the users/creators?

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Surrey City Center Library Landscape



Find a landscape that is clearly associated with a particular culture or sub-culture group. Analyze the physical and cultural characteristics of the landscape (place) in order to clearly demonstrate the nature of the relationship that exist between the landscape and its users.

From your own observations show how the landscape is representative of the people who occupy it and the culture (subculture) which produced it.

You must visit and observe the landscape as part of your research.For this reason, you are not permitted to write about any landscape that you cannot visit in preparation for the essay.

You are free to include photographs, maps and other media to illustrate ideas contained in your paper.

Identifying a culture / subculture

For this assignment you must clearly identify a cultural or sub-culture group. Generally, the smaller and more identifiable the group, the more manageable this paper will be.

Identifying a landscape

The focus of this assignment is a landscape. Generally large landscapes such as entire city blocks are difficult to manage for this assignment. I encourage you to restrict the geographical scale of your landscape.

Here are some suggested landscapes that are a manageable scale: Shopping Malls, places of worship, places of business, play areas, homes, schools, parks….

Things to consider

Who occupies the place?

Who constructed the place?

For which user group was the landscape designed?

What are the values or priorities of the users/creators?

How does the landscape meet the needs of the occupants or the creators?

How does the landscape control or influence its users?

What symbols & significant objects are present in the landscape?

What are the buildings or features like?

In what larger context does this landscape exist?

In what way does the landscape communicate ideas, values or expectations?

How do the users treat the space?


Grades will be based on the following:


Identification & description of subculture group

Identification & description of landscape and its features

Description & discussion of how user group uses landscape


Insight & perception

Logic & progression of ideas

Organization of thoughts


Use of geographical thought and language

Grammar, word choice & editing


Appropriate use of scale (scale of landscape)


Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Geographical Landscape versus Cultural Development: Surrey City Center Library-landscape (Vancouver-China) It is most common that the landscape type such as hospitals, business malls, churches or even schools conveys a great extent to influencing the cultural developments of the populations that exist in the given region (Jodidio, 118). It is for this reason that this paper has set out to study this amazing phenomenon. The paper bases its study in one of the rising city states of China; Vancouver, from where the great “Surrey City Center Library-landscape” is found. The library is merely a study center yet stands to be a fantastic sphere of focus where it comes to its properly nursed man-made landscape. One of the most fascinating factors that makes the Surrey City Center Library to be a perfect candidate for this assignment is its ability to unite societies of vast origins and views into a common cultural community. Vancouver is one of the rapidly growing cities in the entire British-Asian regions. Therefore, all sets of rich millionaires and billionaires have set to migrate into this mushrooming future giant-home. Secondly, there is a strong interest to the landscape’s design. Given the sole purpose of a library on one hand, and the other underlying aspects such as the surrounding communities on the other; designin


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