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What are the social and personal consequences when you do not follow these expectations?

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Sociology of Gender and The Understanding Perception of the Society


Please reply to this discussion post. Tell what you agree/disagree. Like/dislike. . This is a sociology class. 
Here wass the question: 
Identify 3 expectations that go along with being a man or a woman in your society.
Do you follow these expectations?
What are the social and personal consequences when you do not follow these expectations?
Response 1: 
Body Image-being skinny, tattoos
Quiet, Polite, and Appropriate
Marriage, Children, and Family
If you are not skinny then you are “overweight.” I have heard this phrase from more than just classmates. I’ve caught several parents spewing this garbage out of their mouths to their own flesh and blood. I am not skinny, nor will I ever be. I am fit and healthy. I am slightly muscular and have received multiple sets of harsh comments online regarding my workouts and how I lift weights “like a man.” In my opinion, I lift weights like me. Another one of my favorites is “tattoos on women are trashy.” I have a feather tattoo on my foot and an elderly woman in the grocery store proceeded to shake her head at me and whisper loudly to her friend “white trash.” I’ve learned to laugh at these situations and have empathy for those who are so closed minded they cannot see the person I am because of one single tattoo or because I simply do not look the way society thinks I should.
I live with 3 guys and one other girl. Recently, I burped loudly in the privacy of my own home but received some disturbing looks from one of my male roommates. He said “wow, that was inappropriate.” I found this ironic based on the number of times I have had to leave the dinner table disgusted by the lingering smell of men passing gas. 
As a child, I was exposed to only women and men who believed women should marry and began having children of their own at a very young age (directly after high school). I remember faces of women throughout my life who did everything for their children, husband, and families. When I was 15 I realized that only a handful of these women were truly happy with the life they had chosen. They never did anything to please themselves and rarely received even the slightest gratitude from husband or children. By no means am I stating that this way of life is a waste. I am only pointing out, that if these women or men for that matter, had realized they did not have to conform to society to be accepted, would they have chosen the same path? I followed the expectation of marriage when I was 18 and it was a complete disaster. He knew I did not want children before we married, but continued to punish me throughout our marriage for not giving him children. I then married again at age 23, making sure this time my husband was 100% okay with the idea of not having children. He also ended up trying to force me into having children. It wasn’t only men pushing me to having children, but also other women in the community were constantly asking “when are you having kids?” or “why haven’t you had kids yet?.” I felt it to be extremely stressful and sometimes the pressure was hard to deal with.
While I conform to some social expectations of being a “woman”, I do not let those expectations define who I am or decide whether or not I do or don’t do something.


Students Name: Instructors’ name: Course: Date: HEALTH AND MEDICINE The sociology of gender reviews the understanding and perception of the society about the differences between masculinity(the knowledge of the society on how a man should behave) and the femininity (the perception of how a woman should behave).The norm also tends to


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