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What are the pros and cons of the current Alcan technology infrastructure?

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Alcan Case Study



Assignment Overview

The case that you will use for this is a case that is coincidentally also Canadian in origin but in a very different business environment—the aluminum business (spelled here "aluminium" in the British fashion—you may use whichever spelling you choose.) It describes the analysis of the company`s IT systems and management performed by a new vice president of corporate information technologies, in all its complexity and magnificent variety. Throughout this case, issues of hardware, software, and management are intertwined, just as they are in real corporate life. One of your tasks will be to disentangle some of these issues for separate consideration in light of what you know and need to know. As we noted in our course overview, it`s taken for granted that hardware, software, and management (sometimes referred to as "wetware") are all involved in a complex sociotechnical dance in which changes in any one element inevitably call forth changes in the others—preferably planned, but often unplanned, and not infrequently unanticipated. Thus, while your focus in this module will be primarily on hardware and networking, you will inevitably find yourself thinking about other dimensions of the problems as well. That is all to the good, but try to keep a focus on the primary issues in each of these three modules. There is plenty of time to concentrate on issues of integration as the course wraps up.

Case Assignment

Please read the Alcan case; it is in two parts:

Dube, L., Bernier, C. and Roy, V. (2009) Taking on the Challenge of IT Management in a Global Business Context: The Alcan Case – Part A. International Journal of Case Studies in Management. 7(2):May. HEC020.

Dube, L., Bernier, C. and Roy, V. (2009) Taking on the Challenge of IT Management in a Global Business Context: The Alcan Case – Part B. International Journal of Case Studies in Management. 7(2):May. HEC021.

Use information from the course background readings as well as any good quality resource you can find. Please cite all sources and provide a reference list (use APA format) at the end of your paper.

Your answer to the following will be assessed:

  • What are the pros and cons of the current Alcan technology infrastructure?
  • What are the pros and cons of the new Alcan technology infrastructure proposed by Robert Ouelette?
  • Please suggest additional improvements of infrastructure for this case and justify your suggestions.

Assignment Expectations

Length: Minimum 3–5 pages excluding cover page and references (since a page is about 300 words, this is approximately 900 –1,500 words).

Assignment-driven criteria (25 points): Demonstrates clear understanding of the subject and addresses all key elements of the assignment.

Critical thinking (10 points): Demonstrates mastery conceptualizing the problem. Shows analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of required material.

Scholarly writing (5 points): Demonstrates writing proficiency at the academic level of the course; addresses the Learning Outcomes of the assignment.

Quality of references (4 points) and assignment organization (3 points): Uses relevant and credible sources to support assertions. Assignment is well organized and follows the structure of a well-written paper.

Citing sources (3 points): Uses in-text citations and properly formats references in APA style.



Alcan Case Study Name Institutional Affiliation Alcan Case Study The production of aluminum needs a huge power supply. The US government antitrust action decided to invest in its international holding overseas in places such as Europe and Canada. The move helped to form a basis for the Alcan Aluminum Limited that was based in Canada. During the Second World War, there was a major demand for Aluminum due to its light nature. The head office of Alcan is in Montreal, along Stanley streets and Sherbrooke. Alcan Aluminum has 6,8000 employees and operates 61 facilities around the world. Alcan Aluminum Limited is divided into four major business groups, mainly engineering products, primary metal, packaging bauxite and aluminum. The average revenues generated for the year 2006 was 23.6 billion US dollars, and the different business groups contributed to the revenue shares equally. Alcan sells and creates a broad spectrum of products. The products include smelter-grade alumina, bauxite, sheet ingot, wire ingot, extrusion billet and other aluminum based products. The company is diversified in terms of its business group and ownership of assets. Alcan has seven a


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