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What are the ethical issues and factors affecting performance decisions?

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Wk5 Performance Management System


Performance management is related to strategic goals and the needs of an organization by using this to keep the employee motivated to move up. Performance management system (PMS) is the process of quantifying action which leads to organizational efficiency, competitiveness and growth. Performance measurement is the vital element of quality management system QMS (Jankulović, 2013). This process is documented and has to go through a chain of command. While doing these PMS many times the manager needs to write up the good and bad concepts on the employee. There are do and don’ts that apply to this method. If your boss likes you, they will go above and beyond for you. Some supervisors just do not like to do appraisals. We may think that we are doing a good job but that is only in our perception (DeCenzo, 2013). Performance appraisals can be done in various ways. There are many Supervisors that have their favorites. They will help their favorites do well and receive a promotion. It can cause problems, and other parties in HR can get involved along with Unions if available. This can cause ethical issues, such as favoritism. There is a lot of favoritism that happens and there is nothing no one can do about it, without correct documentation. Under these circumstances, it is reasonable to conclude that the best that managers can hope for is to identify and categorize accurately only extremes of performance, where about 1o% to 15% of the employee population is rated (Winstanley, 1980).

I was evaluated by a supervisor for a position that I have held for two years. The evaluations were a good, until I received a new supervisor. I continued to strive for excellence but something was not good enough. I have seen how this other people interactions with the supervisor and I do not condone to such behavior. Ethically I know its wrong, to think this way, but without proper documentation I do not have a case. It’s just strange how the evaluations can change so drastically when you are a good employee who does their work. If I were to take this the HR department, I would have to have proper documentation to have a case. I think the causes problems within the workplace. This would be a hard case, because discrimination can come into the factor along with other issues. I think talking to the supervisor, and asking for a review of the evaluation can help the employee. We just went through a huge harassment case with employees and supervisors. Some risks that may come about are huge drawn out cases, no promotions and employees being terminated. I think employees should continue to strive for excellence and ask the supervisor for help. We can always learn new ideas and concepts to help our jobs. I believe a good supervisor can be a great leader and an aspect for their employees. A great leader should encourage their employees and build them up.

This week we delve into Chapter 10, establishing the Performance Management System.  Performance management systems are used to identify, encourage, measure, evaluate, improve, and reward performance. Performance appraisal is the specific process used to evaluate how well employees perform their jobs and then communicating that information to the employees. The components of effective performance management are discussed in this chapter and include: (1) the nature of performance management, (2) identifying and measuring employee performance, (3) legal and effective performance appraisal processes, (4) manager and employee training, and (5) appraisal feedback.  Also, the results of the variable pay plans should be measured to determine how successful the programs are. The three types of variable pay plans include individual, group/team, and organizational incentives.

There are many different approaches to performance management. Although one would like to assume that there is a "best way", the organization needs to evaluate the cost and benefits of their plans.

1. Discuss how performance management is related to the strategic goals and needs of the organization.

2. Discuss giving feedback on performance- the do`s and don`ts and how the strategic and cultural norms play a role in this process.

3. There are many innovative methods for performance management. Compare and contrast at least two methods. Discuss the reliability and validity of the method.

4. What are the ethical issues and factors affecting performance decisions?

5. Critically evaluate a current or past employer on the methods of performance management. If you were the HR consultant for your fictitious or real organization, what do you recommend/propose for your organization (fictitious or real) for a performance management strategy?

6. What are the risks and challenges the organization faces by implementing the plan you recommend?

7. Provide an example of ways in which it is effectively or ineffectively implemented. Elaborate upon and assess this situation.

There are many plans and forms available online that are pertinent. If you use a plan from an online source or from your current organization, you must cite in text and provide the reference.

 Be certain to integrate the readings and to conduct independent research providing references (minimum 3) from various credible sources to support your opinions, ideas, and arguments.  You must cite in text and include multiple references (minimum of 3) in addition to the text


Wk5 Performance Management System Name: Subject Date of Submission Wk5 Performance Management System The term performance management could be elucidated as an ongoing supervision of employees in support for an organization’s strategic goals or objectives. It is crucial for the management to align their strategic goals and the needs of an organization with performance management. According to Catano (2009), effective performan


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