Aug 02, 2017

What are the common sociological elements relevant to each of the incidents?

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Terrorism and its Effects on Social Institutions and the Society in General

Additional Administrative Details (3 pts): The paper should be well-written, using a professional or analytic style (e.g., use third-person voice, subheadings, proper language, etc.). Furthermore, the paper should have a specific paper title. The paper must be typed, double-space, using 12-point font, one-inch margins, and numbered – and should not exceed a maximum of six (6) pages (excluding the title page, references, etc.). Do NOT focus any of your arguments on religion. The purpose of this essay is to help students analyze terrorism from a sociological perspective. For this essay, compare and contrast two empirical examples of what might be considered “terrorist” incidents. What are the common sociological elements relevant to each of the incidents? Drawing upon the sociological literature, prepare a paper that addresses the following: First, provide an introductory paragraph that outlines the general organization of the paper and concludes with a general thesis statement (3 pts). Next, introduce the concept of terrorism by offering a sociological definition. Once defined, consult the sociological literature to describe one or more theories of terrorism that seem to be most relevant to your analysis or that you view as especially salient to explaining terrorism (6 pts). The next section should then briefly describe two empirical examples of terrorism, outlining the most important details associated with each incident: what happened, who was involved, and what were the net results or main consequences of the specific terrorist incidents? (6 pts). Drawing upon your earlier discussion of theory, what sociological and cultural dimensions of the incidents, in your view, seemed to be the most significant? In other words, what are the key sociological factors that appear to be common to each of the different incidents you described? (6 pts). Finally, what are your conclusions? How well does your theory or approach help to explain the incidents you discussed, as well as other incidents you could have cited? What are the limitations of your approach, or what else might you suggest could be done to further refine our understanding of terrorism? Finally, suggest what type of research should be conducted that might further allow us to examine and explain the phenomenon of terrorism (6 pts).
Name:Institution:Course:Tutor:Date:Terrorism and its Effects on Social Institutions and the Society in GeneralIntroduction Many organizations and individuals use the terrorist violence to attain their political goals. The empirical study has shown that many of these attacks of terrorisms are done on as part of coordinated campaigns. The terrorism tactics are diverse and they include the plane hijacking, bombing of the cars and the buildings and the individual`s assassinations. The two examples of the terrorist attacks which will be compared and contrasted include the bombing and the aircraft attacks or hijacking. The bombing involves the use of the chemicals to make the explosives. The explosives are highly dangerous and the attackers use the bomb plant them in cars, roadsides or the use of the individuals for the suicide attack. The hijackings are also a terrorism tactic the American airlines have been hijacked and crashed. Since these terrorist attacks have affected the US economy and caused major shifts in the government action it is better to look at this issue. This paper involves the research of the bombing attacks and the hijacking attacks on the airlines and the consequences of this terrorist attack. The use of the interviews, observation and the use of questionnaires will be used to collect the data. SPSS software will be used for data analysis.Terrorism is usually the use of violence to create fear. It is also unlawful act of violence and war. Terrorism is a politically stimulated tactic that the terrorist uses to threaten the people and use the force, or violence to cause the terror. In sociological terrorism has been viewed to make the cases that involve the groups and not the individual. In the sociological perspective terrorismhas been defined as the human being eagerness to use brutality to influence the politics. Many theories have been used to explain what motivates the terrorists and their explanations are found in the psychological, and sociological explanations. The groups of terrorist the Al-Qaeda caused the 9/11 attacks. Five theories of terrorism have been identified by the sociologists. They involve frustration violence, relative deprivation, negative characteristics, narcissistic anger and the moral disengagement. Much violence are done due to moral disengagement where the ones committing the attacks lack the moral values that they are committing horrific violence. Also the narcissistic anger due to the revenge the attackers want to undertake and also the frustration aggression whereby the attackers are angered by the government`s policies.Bombing Bombings mostly are the widespread kinds of terrorist act. The terrorists use the likely devices to explode buildings, cars, aeroplanes etc. The devices they use are inexpensive and easy for them to formulate. The modern devices which they use are minor and are tough to detect. They hold very unhelpful capabilities; e.g. on the August 7, 1998, two USA embassies on the contin...

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