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What are the common allergies that have been mentioned in the video above?

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Early Childhood Education and Care


Question 1

The Education Care Services National Regulations 2011 – PART 4.3 – Section 103 stipulates that all equipment and furniture should be safe and in good repair

a)     Give 5 examples of hazards concerning equipment or furniture that you would consider to be potentially harmful to children in your care. Eg- broken leg on a chair

 b)    To whom would you report potentially harmful equipment or furniture?

 Question 2 to Question 3 are related to the link to the following Youtube clip. Your learner guide will also be of assistance as well as the weblinks attach here to your questions.

Watch this clip: safe & healthy  environment by mrs childcare. 

Please use this link :- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ug_mbeyATc

 Question 2

In this clip, it is indicated that cleanliness plays an important part in keeping an environment safe and healthy.

Refer to your service policies and procedures; indicate steps that are taken to ensure that cleanliness is consistently maintained or refer to ‘Staying Healthy: Preventing infection diseases in Early Childhood Education and Care Services (5thedition) 2013 

 Question 3

Allergy awareness and special dietary requirements for individual children is an important part of your role as an educator. Allergy reactions can trigger asthma and/or anaphylaxis signs and symptoms.

 a)     What are the common allergies that have been mentioned in the video above?

 b)    Can you think of other allergies that young children attending a children’s service might suffer from? Consult www.allergy.org.au if unsure

List a minimum of 3.

  c)     Get up & Grow http://www.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/Content/phd-gug-child-familybook provides some great information in the section Healthy Eating, which may also be contained in your service policies and procedures.

Use these to determine how is allergy awareness and special dietary requirements shared among educators, parents and children? 

 Detailed six(6) effective strategies that can be put in place to achieve this purpose – 2 strategies for educators, 2 for the parents and 2 for the children.



Early childhood education and care Name Course Instructor Date Task one Question 1 According to Walker & Miller (2013), identifying the risk that may face children and teenagers is necessary to avoid harm and maintain healthy safety environments. Examples of hazards concerning equipment or furniture Loose and protruding screws. Unstable joints and legs that may cause instability. Furniture that has narrow bases is potentially harmful as children may jump on them and this may cause toppling. The surfaces of furniture need to be regularly cleaned as dirty surfaces are a health risk. The shelves and drawers are safety risk especially when they are not bolded as are also high in length. Reporting about potentially harmful equipment or furniture I would report to the management as they are better placed to take immediate and most appropriate action. Question 2 According to NHMRC (2013), using detergents to ensure cleanliness is one of the strategies to improve cleanliness, rinsing with clean water is necessary, and at the same time removing gloves and washing hands is crucial. The fist step is to inspect the rooms to ensure that there are no unpleasant odours, while also checking that there is adequate aeration and ventilation This is followed by an inspection of windows and floors, and if they are not cleaned satisfactory, then there is a need for cleaning All the equipment in the room are then cleaned and wiped, and if any needs repair they are sorted out fr...

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