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What are the boundaries and limits of your relationships with your students?

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Professional Interests

Part 1 Discussion Topic #1: Professional Interests and Introductions Introduce yourself as a professional to your colleagues in the class. In addition, to basic introductions, include the following information: your experience in teaching, the characteristics you have that will help you teach psychology, the characteristics that might prove problematic and what you believe you need to know to teach psychology effectively. Discussion Topic #2: McKeachie talks about the characteristics of effective college teachers. Describe for the class one professor that has stood out for you over the years of your higher education. Tell us what characteristics this individual had that made her/him an effective teacher. Part 2 Discussion Topic #1: The APA Code of Ethics pertains to teaching/pedagogical as well as clinical and research aspects of psychology . What are the boundaries and limits of your relationships with your students? List some specific examples Discuss why these examples might be unethical. Refer to your readings and to the APA 2002 Code of Ethics. Discussion Topic #2: List specific types of socio-cultural issues you might have to deal with while teaching in two of the following settings a.) an urban community college setting b.) a rural community college setting c.) a large, state university d.) an historically African American university. Pick one of the settings you have described and develop a plan that addresses specific issues in ways that are learning-centered. Readings: McKeachie Chapters 12, 13, 22 Corty, E. W. (2008). Resolving a Conflict Between APA Learning Goals and APA Ethical Principles. Teaching of Psychology, 35(3), 223-225. Corty article Tabachnik, B.G., Keith-Speigal, P. & Pope, K. (2001). Ethics of Teaching: Beliefs and Behaviors of Psychologists as Educators ; Expanding the Psychology Curriculum: An Annotated-Bibliography on Diversity in Psychology;
PROFESSIONAL INTERESTSNameInstitution AffiliationCourseDate of SubmissionProfessional InterestsAs a teaching professional, one of the things that I inherently subscribe to is intentionality. I consider intentionality as that pursuit to do things for a reason, and a purpose. This profound element that is intentionality compels me to think about the outcome I want for my students, and how certain decisions that I make moulds them towards that outcome. I always elect to identify the goals that the students are aspiring to accomplish, and constantly as myself whether each component of the lessons is appropriate to the skills, knowledge and needs of the students.In my teaching experience, I have come to appreciate that students perform better and they value regular evaluation through tests, and also feedback. With these evaluations, they are able to position themselves in terms of being able to keep up with the assigned materials. Ordinarily, I give my students a quiz at commencement of every lesson, with questions based on the previous lecture. I always give them immediate feedback on their performances in all class activities which helps me to extensively quantify the appropriate pace for a particular student or class.As a teacher, there are several attributes about me that I consider to have helped me bolster and acquaint myself admirably as a psychology teacher. I have the hunch to identify the capacities, nature, likings, attitudes and aptitudes of every student. I possess the psychology to linking the lives of the young and the aspirations of education in our society.I need to have a good discernment of a number of some basic skills in order to carry out my functions as a psychology teacher effectively. Firstly, it`s the knowledge of the inane nature of the student. These are the natural urges instinct, propensities and potentialities, these being the prime movers of the students` behavior. The knowledge of guidance is of essence in teaching psychology. (Svinicki and Marilla 2011)Under...

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