Jul 15, 2017

What are the benefits of viewing security issues beyond the individual firm?

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Security Oriented Culture


Case Assignment

Read the following articles:

Zalud, Bill, (2010 May) Every Link in the Chain, Security, Troy: Vol. 47, Iss.5; pg. 28, 3 pgs.

Closs, David, Cheri Speier, Judith Whipple, M. Douglas Voss (2008 Sep) A Framework for Protecting your Supply Chain, Logistics Management (2002) Highland Ranch: Vol.47, Iss. 9; pg. 45, 1 pg.

After reading these and the other articles in the assigned reading, in an essay of 3-4 pages, answer the following questions:

1.Is a security-oriented culture applied to the supply chain just good business? Explain.

2.What are the benefits of viewing security issues beyond the individual firm?

3.Why is RFID technology viewed by many to be an important tool in securing a supply chain?

4.Which of the 10 security competencies discussed in the Closs, Speier, Whipple, and Voss article are likely to be the most challenging to implement? Why?

Assignment Expectations

Display a contextual understanding of the security implications of logistics management under the threat of domestic and global terrorism. Display in-depth knowledge of the vulnerabilities of logistics systems and creativity in assessing the security competencies that could mitigate the risks. In a broader perspective, demonstrate critical thinking, clarity of logic, and synthesis from previous course work in logistics in assessing the implications of implementing a security-oriented culture as a central element of the business equation.


Impact of 9/11 on global logistics Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Impact of 9/11 on global logistics Security oriented culture A security-oriented culture which is applied to the supply chain is not just good business; it is beyond that. This culture is of major importance bearing in mind that supply chains are susceptible to security failures and attack (Closs et al., 2008). It is good for the company’s brand equity since such a culture could increase brand equity if customers believe that the company has a security-oriented culture and has put in place adequate security efforts. It is also good in that it improves the company’s relationships with its investors who would be contented with the company’s performance and they would not sale their equity. A security-oriented culture could also reduce regulatory scrutiny. Equally important, a security-oriented culture may help to improve the supply chain rela


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