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What are the Attachment styles?

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Relationship: An involvement

Thank you so much for the hard work you did on the previous DB. Your turn around time was awesome! I trust your hard work with the new assignment. All the instructions are on the the attached file. Thanks again. Criterion Points Possible Points Earned Instructor Comments Thread (1 post) Part A All key components of the topic question are answered correctly and presented clearly 15 /25 Major points are supported from the readings and contain thoughtful analysis 5 Integration of Christian worldview, biblical themes as appropriate 2 Fulfilled word count requirement (at least 250 words) 2 Thread was posted on time. 1 Reply (2 replies) Part B Focuses on a meaningful points made in another student`s thread. 8 /15 Provides substantive additional thoughts regarding the student`s post (more than just “I like this idea” and explains why the idea was liked or disliked. Replies further the discussion and remains closely connected to the readings. 2 Fulfilled word count requirement for each reply (at least 100 words/reply) 3 Both replies were posted on time. 2 Readability & Style Spelling & Grammar: sentences are complete, clear and concise. Paragraphs present ordered thoughts with good use of varied sentence structures. 5 /5 TOTAL POINTS: /45 Post #1- What are the Attachment styles? Clinton, T. & Sibcy, G. (2006). Why you do the things you do: The secret to healthy relationships. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson. ISBN: 978-1-59145-420-5 Identify and describe one of the attachment styles. Give a real life example of what the style "looks" like when observing the interaction of two people. DO NOT use personal information that would identify the people in your example. Be sure to respond with a thought-provoking answer, and then encourage and respond to two of your classmates` posts. Respond to the following two student and please lable them “ Reply to Haley” and “ Reply to Megan” Haley Alverson In the book we are studying, Why You Do the Things You Do, by Dr. Tim Clinton, we have learned that there are four attachment styles: avoidant, ambivalent, disorganized, and secure. I have a friend that went through a recent break-up. Her boyfriend seemed to be an ambivalent attachment style from what I have observed from their relationship. When he was four, his mother murdered his father in front of him because his father was abusive. His mother spent most of his childhood in prison and he grew up with his older grandmother. During their entire relationship (almost a year and a half) he was always asking and wondering if his girlfriend “really loved him.” He was always talking about his feelings, always very dramatic, and was always worried about being abandoned because “she was the only one he had ever truly loved.” He was always very reluctant to be close to anyone, but once he gets close to someone, it is very hard for him to let go. When she broke up with him, he tried every way possible to get in touch with her and get her back. He could not take “no” for an answer because he did not want to be abandoned again. He always said he would rather just be with her and not have as much success than be the most successful person he could be and not have her. He was always saying over the top things to try and get her to stay with him. Almost all of the bullet points in this book under “The Ambivalent Attachment Style” point to this guy. It seems clear to me that he is an ambivalent attachment. Megan Dishner After being in this psychology class for a short period of time, I`ve come to understand just how much someones past affects their future. During my senior year of high school, I dated a guy who after looking back at the situation is the textbook definition of an avoidant attachment style. When discussing this in class, the characteristics of “self soother, work alcoholic, never let anyone in and not comfortable with being close” stuck out to me the most when referring to his personality. I was his first girlfriend, and after dating him I understand why. He never let anyone in. He always had a thick brick wall built not only between me, but his friends, his family and definitely God. He never showed emotions. After we had been dating for about 2 or 3 months his grandfather passed away. He disappeared off the face of the earth for a week, he wouldn`t respond to my or any of his friends phone calls. He didn`t attend school or church. The day I saw him back at school, I asked him if he was ok and why he didn`t talk to me all week. He simply said he was fine and that he had been busy. I saw these kind of emotions in his relationship with God to, it`s like he had the personality of a rock. Nothing moved him, nothing brought him to his knees or made him happy. I never understood it, but now it makes so much more sense. It must have taken a lot of abandonment to bring him to where he was and still is.
RelationshipName:Institution: RELATIONSHIPA relationship is an involvement of two or more people that may vary in period from short to enduring. God created human beings to be relational. There are specific reasons why people behave, feel, and love the way they do while relating with others (Stern, 2002). These reasons may mostly be determined by people`s experiences of the past, probably since their childhood. There are four relationship styles, which Tim Clinton mentions in his book ‘why you do the things you do.` Namely ; avoidant, disorganized, ambivalent and secure. Below is a description of an ambivalent attachment that I noticed in my best friend`s fiancé after reading and understanding the four attachment styles.The ambivalent attachment is evident in James, a very outgoing and hardworking person of unquestionable character and loves God to bits. That is how I would sincerely describe my best friend`s fiancé. However, each time they have an argument; James becomes hysterical, throwing and scattering every object he comes across, hitting walls and even cursing. I later learned through my friend that James had a very brutal past. Since he was young, his...

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