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What are some ways you can be informed, get involved, take action?

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Prostate cancer

Explain and describe the disease · Who or what age groups are affected by this disease · Can it be prevented if so how · Statistics: costs to healthcare, loss jobs-wages, etc. · Research- new treatments, cures · How can medical assistant help those that have the disease · What are some ways you can be informed, get involved, take action
Prostate cancerName:Course:Professor Name:(December, 2012).Prostate cancerProstate is an exocrine gland that is found in a male reproductive system and usually exists exactly below the bladder. The word, prostate originated from Medieval Latin prostate and the French medieval prostate. In Greek, the word prostate means one standing in front, from proistanai meaning ‘set before`. This gland was given this name because of its position; it is just below the bladder (Dasgupta & Kirby, 2012). Prostate cancer is a kind of cancer that affects this gland; it is a malignant tumor of the prostate. Dasgupta & Kirby says this kind of cancer is the second leading cause of death among the American males. To some people, it is life threatening to others it can exist for many years without causing any problem to the individual. Not easy to treat but the best known treatment options includes: surgery, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and observation (Dasgupta & Kirby, 2012). According to experts (Dasgupta & Kirby), this kind of cancer starts as tiny alternation in the shape and size of the gland cells (Prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia). Medilexicon medical dictionary defines Prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia as, ‘dysplastic changes involving glands and ducts of the prostate that may be a precursor of adenocarcinoma; low grade (PIN 1), mild dysplasia with cell crowding, variation in nuclear size and shape, and irregular cell spacing; high grade (PIN 2 and 3), moderate to severe dysplasia with cell crowding, nucleomegaly and nucleolomegaly, and irregular cell spacing.`Doctors say these changes mostly start to appear at 50years of age. The changes could either be rapid or slow meaning abnormal or more or less normal. Any individual found to have the rapid (high grade) is at high risk of having prostates cancer. Therefore, one is advised to have regular check-ups to monitor the progress of the changes of the cells. No symptom of the cancer at early stages of its development. The symptoms only appear at its advanced stage; when the tumor has grown too much blocking urine at the urethra. The individual develops difficulty in starting or stopping the urine stream, increased frequency in urination, and some pain when urinating; these are the first symptom that appear. When the condition continues, it causes urine detention. At this stage, the tumor has grown and only operation can help the patient. It is good to state here that, these symptoms do not necessary reflect prostate cancer because there are other conditions have the symptoms. Hence, it is advisable to visit a physician for proper examination. Dasgupta & Kirby are to the opinion that there is a very high connection between development of prostate cancer and increase in age. A study they did shows for every 100,000 men at the age of 40 years there is a possibility of detection (1) but at the age of 85 years the numbers goes up to 1,146. It also gives a median age for prostate cancer d...

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