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What are some examples of medical experiments conducted today?

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Medical Experimentation


An institutional review board would never approve the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment today. What are some examples of medical experiments conducted today? Do you know anyone who has participated in a medical study? Do you know what protections are in place for participants? Describe some of the restrictions that are placed on medical experiments and drug testing in the 21st century. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of such restrictions. Discuss and cite at least three scholarly references to support your response.

Medical ExperimentationNameCourse numberInstructor’s nameDateThe Tuskegee study played a significant role in the establishment of institutional regulations to oversee human medical experimentation in the US. The research involved studying untreated syphilis cases of African American males that had no access to treatment. Advocates of the treatment intended to use the results of the study to lobby for legislative approval for treatment programs for Southern blacks. Denying treatment for a disease with life threatening impact on health was not justifiable. The study followed the ailing males keenly and performed autopsies upon their death (Jones, n.d). The ailing men received iron tonic and pink tablets or aspirin as incentives and the families that allowed autopsies got access to burial stipends when the subjects died. Subjects also received a certificate and one dollar for every year they remained in the study as a token of appreciation. The study provoked sharp opposition from antiracism groups. The study did not have a specific time frame and the discovery that the study purposed to follow each person to their death drew even sharper public outrage and led to the eventual end of the experiment. The experiment violated the principles of ethical treatment of human subjects (Jones, n.d). Medical research is imperative for physicians and pharmaceutical markets register increased demand for human subjects for drug testing. Many clinical trials occur in geographical areas with rampant healthcare crises and economic and political instability. In the US, regulatory measures require that large numbers of patients participate in clinical trials to prove the products’ long-term safety. Researchers have increasingly channeled testing to developing countries through international outsourcing companies also known as Contract Research Organizations (CROs). The companies are expansive in the third world and the Eastern Europe. They implement research design and analyses and recruit patients more effectively and cost effectively than medical centers (Petryana, 2005).Recent medical experimentation is marred by competition particularly for hypertension. Currently,...

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