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What are Okonkwo’s strengths and weaknesses as of Chapter 8?

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Connection Between the Science of Fear & Things fall Apart


This set of questions will move us into the novel that we will connect with The Science of Fear: Things Fall Apart. This questions are meant to get you acclimated with the “feel” of Achebe’s novel and his characters since it is a foreign kind of story-telling to most Western readers. 

Your responses to each of the questions should be at least 75 words long. 

1. Part of understanding most stories is learning about the context surrounding the story: who wrote it, when was it written, why was it written, etc. Since Things Fall Apart involves a native culture very different from our own, it is that much more important that you have some context before and while you read the story. The first task is a little bit of research on the novel’s context. I have divided the class in half; each group of people will have three topics to research. To answer this first question, let everyone know what you found out about your assigned topics. If you directly quote material from a source, make sure to put the words in quotation marks. Also, let us know the sources you used to get your information. 

You are responsible for looking up what you can find on the Igbo culture, British colonialism (especially in Nigeria), and racial stereotypes of Africans in Western culture (literature, film, cartoons, etc.). 

2. . What are Okonkwo’s strengths and weaknesses as of Chapter 8? 

3. Throughout the novel Achebe describes Ibo customs and uses Ibo vocabulary with little to no explanation of the meaning. Why do you think he does this? 

4. Choose two short quotations from chapters 1-8 and type them out. Then respond to them. What are your initial thoughts about these quotes? Do you have any questions about them? 

Use this book as a main resource "Things Fall Apart" by Chinua Achebe. 



Name Course Instructor Date The Science of Fear: Things Fall Apart Igbo (Ibo) culture, British colonialism and stereotypes The Igbo culture is largely patriarchal with the men allowed to marry more than one wife like in the case of Okonkwo the protagonist in Things Fall Apart. The Igbo emphasize cooperation especially when performing rites and rituals, with major decisions made by a council of elders. They also follow traditions passed down across generations, with emphasis on rites of passages from birth, marriage to funeral ceremonies. Additionally, the formalized interactions emphasize respect to the gods, ancestral sprits and fellow men. The Igbo believe


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