Jul 20, 2017

What appropriate sources of information will be used to support your group`s claims about your topic?

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Evaluating Resources: Appropriate sources of information


topic is - education on childhood obesity

**we use walden library for resources

Journal: Evaluating Resources

Personal experience and perception lend a great deal to addressing a social issue. However, as individuals, there are limits to one’s knowledge on any topic. The ability to conduct research on a social issue allows for a more comprehensive perspective on multiple aspects of an issue, insight into the communities impacted, and lessons learned for other like-minded groups who have done similar work.

In this Journal Assignment, you explore the concept Discovery as it relates your group`s research on a social topic. 

To prepare for this Assignment: 

•Consider the assigned readings from the first 3 weeks of this course. 

•Review the explanation of Walden University`s DEEP-C Model General Education Learning Outcome “Discovery” in the Syllabus. 

•Consider “Discovery” as it relates to the work you are doing in this course. 

•Bearing in mind the amount of information that is readily available in current times, think about how people involved in social movements of the past gained information on the social issue and related topics.

The Assignment: 

Write a 2- to 3-paragraph journal entry in which you address the following questions: 

•What appropriate sources of information will be used to support your group`s claims about your topic? 

•At this early stage in the process of investigating your topic, what advantages do you see in conducting research to discover various factors associated with the topic? 

•In what ways does the ability to conduct research strengthen your group`s approach? 


General Education Learning Outcomes (The DEEP-C Model) 

•Discovery: Students will locate and identify appropriate sources of information using multiple sources and methods, including bibliographic, textual, experiential, and experimental research.

•Evaluation: Students will critically assess texts and arguments in multiple forms and contexts using quantitative and qualitative logic, the scientific method, ethics, and pragmatics.

•Expression: Students will effectively and ethically communicate information and opinions verbally and nonverbally using written, oral, behavioral, and visual methods adapted for diverse audiences and purposes.

•Perspective: Students will be able to articulate the consistency and flexibility of knowledge as it is experienced across time, space, and culture.

•Change: Students will articulate how their ability to discover, evaluate, and express ideas from different perspectives is instrumental in their progress toward achieving personal goals and effecting positive social change


Evaluating Resources Name Course Institution Date Appropriate sources of information Since it is not feasible to use primary data, the secondary sources of information will be assessed for there credibility. Even though, all the sources are from the Walden Library, there is a need to look into the credibility of authors as this helps to support the topic of childhood obesity. In any case, many authors have interest in the same topic, and hence the most recent sources which clearly give the intended author’s purpose are relevant. Consequently, the most cr


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