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What actions are being taken by both parties to either make certain the issue remains under state control or becomes federal law.

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Nationalist and States` Rights Position on Gun Control


Step 1

Focusing in on the nationalist and states’ rights position.

Definite states’ rights in your own words. Your definition should be about 3-5 sentences.

Step 2: Research

Choose a topic currently in the news that illustrates the problems between the state and federal government powers. (Think of things that many people either want or don’t want to be made into federal law.) Find at least 2 articles on your topic.

But to get you started, some current topics include:

Immigration Reform

Voter Registration

Minimum Wage

Drivers Licensing

Medical Marijuana

The Right to Marry

Gun Control

State taxes

Education Reform

Biomedical Research (STEM Cell Research is an example)

Nutrition (e.g: school lunches, banning transfats, soda tax, calorie labels on menu)

Law Enforcement

Step 3: Write

Write a 2-3 paragraph summary of your articles, including a Chicago Style Citation. Description of the issue

How the states’ rights advocates view the issue

How the federal government/elected officials/ other supporters of this issue view the problem.

What actions are being taken by both parties to either make certain the issue remains under state control or becomes federal law.

Copy and paste your article at the end of your assignment, highlighting the information that you used from the article. This is to help make certain that you are using your own words when summarizing .


University STATES’ RIGHTS A Paper Submitted to (Name of Professor) In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course (Course) By (Name of Student) (Date) STATES’ RIGHTS States’ rights are strategies and doctrines that protect the rights of the individual states from federal government interference. Under the guidance of the Constitution, states have significant sovereignty to enforce, pass as well as interpret the laws and pursue individual public policy programs. Gun control is a major topic that has received massive attention regarding whether the state or the federal should control firearms. People particularly the gun right supporters do not want gun controls to be made into federal law. People say that gun controls should never be regulated by the federal government, because they already have too much power. The article on gun rights illuminates on how people feel about federal government’s authority over guns in the state. The states’ rights advocates say that the federal government is getting into an area that they are not supposed to engage and their scope of power with this issue is limited. There’s a lot of opposition, and some people say that even if the federal government insists on enforcing the firearms laws, they will not offer assistance. The Federal government say that they should be in charge because the issue has so much to do with the 2nd amendment. To date, the two have not reached a consensu...

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