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Week 8 Essay: Social Responsibility of the Animal Farm

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Week 8 Essay: Social Responsibility of the Animal Farm


Instructions: Develop an essay of 1,000-1,500 words. Be sure to argue a particular point of view in your essay (your thesis) and cite varied examples from the readings in MLA format in order to support your perspective. Include a works cited page. Additional MLA information can be found here. Please submit your essay to the assignment section of the course. This assignment is worth 20% of your final grade. 
Up to this point we have discussed two literary movements, the Romantic period and the Victorian era. You will select one era and in partial fulfillment of Course Objective 4, (CO-4: Discuss major literary movements in English literature from the 18th century to the present.) You will discuss a literary movement in connection with one of our assigned readings.
Select one of the following topics as the focus for your essay: 
1. Discuss one work or one author from this course that you believe had the most significant influence on British literary history. Please be sure to maintain third person perspective. 
2. In this course we have discussed British literary history and the progression of trends in British literature. Give a brief description of one of the trends we have discussed in the class, with a brief explanation of the characteristics of the trend. You may want to touch on the social, political, historical or cultural issues that influenced this trend. Then provide at least one example of a piece of British literature we have read in this course from this period with a well-developed analysis identifying why the selected piece is a good representation of the trend. Note: "Modernism" is an example of what is meant by a "literary trend" in this question. 
3. Choose a work of British literature we read in the course. Write a response in which you present arguments for and against the work`s relevance for a person or society in 2015.


[Student’s Name] [Tutor’s Name] [Subject Title] [Date] Social responsibility of the animal farm There has been an increased influence from different literary history from works of various authors. For instance, the work of George Orwell, the animal farm has contributed significantly to the development of ancient literary works in Britain. The author, George Orwell, was an English essayist and a novelist who developed a firm background in the works of literature. George Orwell was also known to be a critic to the works of literature that were drawn up by other writers thus developing a more firm foundation of British literary works that were to be drawn up by other authors. Many authors developed their books during the romanticism era. This is the period that there was an increased in the artistic development of critical aspects of literature such as the musical and the intellectual movements that have their origin in the European countries (Orwell, 118). The era was developed during the end of the 18th century and developed its peak in most parts of Europe in the late 19th century. It is during this periods that there were developments made in the political structures experienced in the social setups that developed the English language (Ginn, 180). The books written during this period emphasized mainly on th


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