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Week 7: 3 Cybersecurity Questions

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Week 7: 3 Cybersecurity Questions


1. Explain what psychological factors can often motivate hackers (eg, addiction, crime, greed, status, etc….), and give examples where these motivations were a factor in a cyberattack. What can organizations do to be more proactive in identifying and mitigating hacker threats? 2.As the cybersecurity field expands, the larger community discourse leads to changes in terminology. While some of our course materials may differentiate between the terms "hackers" and "crackers" as threat actors, we will use the terms "ethical hackers" and "nonethical hackers" to make the same differentiation. How do the profiles for ethical and nonethical hackers differ? Should these psychological attributes make a difference as to the amount of, or nature of the punishment meted out to those who are caught? Why or why not? Describe how certain factors can also motivate ethical hackers, or those who defend against cyberattacks (sometimes called cyber warriors or cyber patriots)? (eg, revenge, patriotism, fear of government abuse, pride, respect for the law, ownership, anger, retaliation….) 3.Some mental health and criminal justice professionals contend that hacking is an "addiction," and causes obsessive, risk-taking behavior in a manner similar to illegal narcotics—hackers hack to "get high" from the thrill of breaking into a system and getting away with it. Should policy makers look toward treatment, rather than incarceration, as to the disposition of hacker cases? Why or why not? How do profiles of ethical and non-ethical hackers differ?


Cybersecurity Name Institute of Affiliation Date Question 1. Psychological factors include the thoughts, feelings and other cognitive factors which impact on the behaviors of a person making them behave in a different manner. Such individuals become greedy and engage in criminal activities, just to satisfy their needs. The psychological drives have subjected cyber terrorists to continue with their evil acts of hacking computer systems for their personal gain, for example, to be paid hence the drive for money is a key factor. Financially oriented individuals opt to attack credit card accounts, information from the bank, or sometimes organizations that collect and utilize the information for finan


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