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Week 4 Discussion: Greening the City - Boston South Neighborhood

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 Week 4 Discussion: Greening the City - Boston South Neighborhood


answer the following short answer questions
1. What opportunities and challenges are present in executing sustainable urbanism principles in existing communities? In greenfield developments?
2. Looking at the neighborhood you live in, share two or three sustainable urbanism examples and a similar number of challenges. How can the sustainable urbanism examples be capitalized upon and how can the challenges be mitigated?(the neighborhood is Boston South end)


Greening the City Name: Institution: Instructor: Course: Date: Question one Sustainability relates to having the ability to provide for the present without depleting the resources available for the future generation. This same concept is in the recent times being applied to urbanization. This is relative to the rate at which urbanization is taking over the normal social environments, with most of the people moving to the cities. Due to the urban developments trying to match needs of the people living in these ar


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