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Website reading selections based on students’ topics

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Topic: Nelson Mandela


1. Thesis Statements and Essay Plan

2. Introductory and Concluding Paragraphs

3. Short responses – Website reading selections based on students’ topics

4. First research essay (approx. 8-10 pp.) include annotated bibliography

5. They Say/ I Say concept

6. All papers will be typed on Word, 1” margin, Times New Roman, 12 Font, double line spacing, and black color ink.

7. MLA format for all papers.

8. Here is my writing about the topic, but it’s including a lot of mistake such as grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was born on 18th July 1918. He was son of Xhosa tribesman, King of the Thimbu tribe. He was a South African Politician as well as the president of South Africa from 1934 to 1999 (The Life & times of Nelson Mandela). He was the first black president of the nation. After graduation, Mandela was involved in the National African Congress Party where he bought an end to discrimination. He is a great inspiration for me because of his dedication to fight against inequality in South Africa.

As we know Mandela has given many contributions in many kind of field, the main contribution of him was in Humanity. He taught the world what activism really means. He fought against the white domination and black

domination. He taught the world that everybody is equal and nobody has rights to dominate each other by their color or by their living standard. He advocated that everybody should get the same opportunities of everything either they are black or white. As we know Mandela also showed everyone an incredible strength of human spirit. After coming out from the 27 years of incarceration he became stronger and confidant, he was a hope for many people around the world (The Life & times of Nelson Mandela). He inspired everyone in a very nice way that suffered from adversity. He also ended apartheid; he worked very hard to end the color discrimination not only in his country South Africa but also in all over the world with the help of other activists. He gave a motivational speech for not to dominate anyone with their color and living standard.

Mandela mainly worked for his homeland but setting the best example for the justice for the whole world, during the fight for the racism he got into prison also but still he did not stop his fight for Racism. After his fight and struggle for Racism he also became the first black and democratically elected president from South Africa, that moment was his first achievement towards Racism. He was inaugurated in Pretoria, the same town in which he had once stood to be sentenced to jail. He said the following in his inaugural speech: “The time for healing the wounds has come, the time for building the bridge towards the freedom has come; the discrimination in poverty, in color, in gender has come to an end. The time for walking together The South Africans (both white and black) by not bowing our heads but by making our heads up, the time has come for walking without any fear in our minds and hearts” (The Life & times of Nelson Mandela). This speech was very powerful to provide the theme for his years as a president of South Africa.

He is a great inspiration for me as he taught me not to discriminate anybody with his/her color and the living standard. He was also a source of inspiration to many people around the world as he taught every person for not dominating any one with anything. We should take a great inspiration by his fight and struggle for the discrimination and follow the same thing in our daily lives. Every human being is equal; no one should dominant each other is the main thing that he inspires to me and other people. Because of his struggle and his hard work, Nelson Mandela has become an important figure in the history of humanity. He plays an important role in our lives. The children of schools are also given the information about what he did and why he did, which inspires those little children’s also.

Mandela has become a great inspiration of everyone’s lives. He has inspired me to be equal to others. He also gave an insight about the importance of education in our life. His life is full of struggles but finally he was able to bring change in African society through his leadership and dedication. He is a symbol of change and his learning about his struggles and success empowers me all the time.

Work Cited

“The Life & times of Nelson Mandela.” Nelson Mandela Foundation. Web. 26 Jan. 2016.

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