Aug 03, 2017

Was disunion inevitable or could it have been prevented?

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History: Political, social and economic causes of disunion

Was disunion inevitable or could it have been prevented? Consider both long term (from the Articles of Confederation through the 1840s) and proximate (1850s-1861) political, social and economic causes of disunion in arguing your point. Critical thinking: Write a basic college essay on the following topic: Specifics The basic college essay consists of an introduction with clear thesis statement, the body of the paper (where each point of the thesis statement is discussed fully with supporting evidence in its own paragraph), and a conclusion. See the writing tips (Student Resources tab) on the left side for further guidelines as to what constitutes an “A” history essay. You may also contact the Writing Center for help in writing the basic essay. This a broad topic which is meant to assess your understanding of the course material and your ability to bring together information in a well-substantiated and coherent analytical essay explaining patterns of events and developments in American history (in other words, it is an exercise in critical thinking). Successful papers will utilize lecture and reading materials in a thoughtful, well-organized and persuasive argument in reaction to the above topic. Grammar and spelling will count, as will the overall logic and clarity of your argument. Be sure to use plenty of detailed, specific examples to back up your broad, general statements. A great place to find specific examples is in the readings – particularly the documents and other non-textbook/lecture course materials. I stress the following: DO NOT QUOTE SECONDARY MATERIALS from the textbook, any other assigned or unassigned materials, or the internet. If you ignore this instruction/warning and quote secondary materials for some reason, there is a one-letter grade penalty. If you ignore this instruction and choose to quote without proper citation, you will receive a 0 for the assignment. If you ignore this instruction and closely paraphrase without citation, you will receive a 0 for the assignment. If you do not understand what this means, look at the course and university policies on academic dishonesty or contact your coach. This is to be your original work expressing your understanding of the material. If in doubt, cite. You may utilize brief quotes from the primary documents, but they are not to be used as filler and must be analyzed. DO NOT consult internet sources or other outside materials (you have plenty of information in the materials assigned in this course module to answer the question). Stay away from, Wikipedia, blogs, etc. There is a ONE letter grade penalty for using outside resources. If I determine you used outside resources without proper citation, you will get a 0 for this assignment. I cannot be plainer, do not use outside materials. Before submitting your assignment, make sure that the file is not corrupted. It is the student`s responsibility to submit a file that can be opened by the coach. If you use something other than Word as your word processing software, you must submit the file saved in .rtf format.
Political, social and economic causes of disunion Name: Institution: Date: The creation of what later became known as the United Sates of America, did not eradicate the differences between the North and South in the country. On the contrary, the differences led to the Civil War with both regions having divergent perceptions on what led to the disunion. The main differences were on the role of slavery in the society, the constitution, other related causes were economic...

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