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W7- Eroding Goals

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W7- Eroding Goals


“Personal mastery” is the phrase used for the discipline of personal growth and learning.

People with high levels of personal mastery are continually expanding their ability to

create the results they truly seek. Initiative and self-confidence are by-products of

personal mastery. One of the most important fundamental aspects of personal mastery

is personal vision. Personal vision can create a framework or guiding philosophy on how

you can operate and live your life. Personal mastery is an important because it helps

you be an effective learner and contributor.


The purpose of this task is to work through the mechanics of “the eroding goals archetype” using personal mastery as an example.



1. Explain your personal vision in the context of the discipline of personal mastery.

(If you don’t yet have a personal vision, make one up).

2. Summarize your personal vision in one sentence or less.

3. Name and describe each of the key variables in your “eroding goals” archetype

by answering the following questions: (This is important)

a. What is your current reality?

b. What are the pressures for you to lower your vision?

c. What are the factors contributing to your emotional tension?

d. Explain your creative tension (gap).

e. What actions are you taking now to achieve your vision?

4. Create a causal loop diagram using the “eroding goals” archetype. Label the links and loops.

5. In addition, name each loop to identify it with your story.

6. Explain the cause and effect systemic behavior of each link in your causal loop

diagram in terms of a “increasing or decreasing “variable terminology. For example, as “the gap” increases, the “actions to achieve my vision”, decrease.


W7- eroding goals” archetype Name Course Instructor Date 1. Explain your personal vision in the context of the discipline of personal mastery. (If you don’t yet have a personal vision, make one up). Through personal mastery one sets their personal vision, and this is different from the goals and objectives. It represents the desire of the future and serves a purpose, and I am more focused on ensuring that I eat and live a healthy lifestyle as much as I can. This is related to exercising self-control and being self-aware since one is more likely to deal with factors causing unhealthy lifestyles when they have set goals to active. 2. Summarize your p


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