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My assignment is about vocation as Mechanical Engineering student . I a few sources should include in the essay, and some personal things. I have few articals about Mechanical Engineering and vocation. what influence people to chose their vocation ( work) like parents society and slef-interest. please include that in the thesis you may use other sources
VocationStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:Vocation According to Newberry (3), the word vocation implies two things: those related to professions in the Christian Ministry or associated church-based careers, and those related to education for instance that can be acquired at technical or vocational tertiary institutions – the work in which an individual is regularly employed. Interests, experiences and the cultural milieu of childhood play a crucial role in helping to set the stage for an individual`s adult occupation and interests (Thilmany 1). The purpose of this paper is to discuss vocation particular with regard to career/work unrelated to the Christian Ministry. The paper also discusses things that can influence an individual in choosing his/her vocation/work. There are various factors that influence people to choose their vocation/work. The most common factors include the following: First is the condition of the job market – There are several occupations that are undeniably over-crowded (Bell). Thus, an individual will be less likely to choose a vocation/work that is very much over-crowded either in the private sector or in the government. However, within the mechanical engineering industry, the employment rate is well over 90% in the United States, and someone would not consider shifting to a related field of study to investigate opportunities in that field. A profession that is more cyclical than several others is that of architecture, particularly for those at the entry level. There was a time when the profession of architecture had an unemployment rate of 24%, making some people to regret why they chose that profession (Bell). If becoming a mechanical engineer, architecture or any other profession is a consuming interest, then it should be pursued. Vocational opportunities often change over time. The job market condition should be put into consideration, but more important is the satisfaction of a given vocation that an individual enjoys (Ali). Second is interests – There are people who are lucky enough to having a special interest come out when they are still very young hence giving them vocational direction which they never waver from. For instance, hands-on tinkering observed in a young child is a lucid indication that the child will naturally be led to mechanical design and engineering. This tinkering is essential since that is one way in which youngsters begin to make their world intelligible (Thilmany 1). On the other hand, some people find it quite difficult in determining their direction with regard to vocation. Even those that believe they know and understand their areas of interest are over and over again misled by the glamour or emotional attachment of a certain field (Kiersy & Bates 12). Third factor is ability – Apparently, an individual should attempt to match his/her abilities with a vocational choice. As much as it sounds palpable, it is astonishing how a vast majority of people do not adequately analyze themsel...

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