Jul 21, 2017

Using Cell Phones while Driving should be Banned

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Using Cell Phones while Driving should be Banned



□ It begins with an attention-getter that attracts the reader.

□ It provides background information enough to enable readers unfamiliar with the 

subject to follow the argumentation. 

□ It is written in the third-person (no “I” or “you” statements).

□ It contains a specific and clearly stated thesis at the end. No question, it should be a statement! Pro or against.

Body Paragraphs

□ There are at least three of them.

□ They begin with clear claims that serve as topic sentences. 

□ The possible number of ways to talk about each topic is limited with controlling ideas.

□ The topic sentences support the thesis.

A rhetorical question somewhere in the text which you answer later on.

□ They contain evidence to support the arguments.

□ The connection between the evidence and the topic should be clear to everyone

□ They contain appropriate linking words or expressions to give coherence (Like using 

“therefore” between a piece of evidence and what you conclude from looking at the 


□ One of them is a refutation of the alternative conclusions that could be drawn from 

looking at the evidence you’ve presented.

□ They are written in the third-person 

Conclusion Paragraph

□ It summarizes claims made in the body paragraphs and ties them to the thesis. 

□ It ends with a memorable clincher statement, a little something to remember

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Using Cell Phones while Driving should be Banned Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Using Cell Phones while Driving should be Banned Maheshwari and D’Souza (2013) reported that around mid-September in the year 2008 during the evening rush hour in Chatsworth, California, a commuter train collided with a locomotive, and this crash led to the death of twenty-five persons and 135 others were injured. Mobile phone records indicated that at the time of the crash, the train engineer was receiving and sending text messages. Moreover, on 5th August 2010 in the state of Missouri, a 19-year old truck driver


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