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Unit 3 Assigment: Expansionism versus Spread of Ideology

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Unit 3 Assigment: Expansionism versus Spread of Ideology


History 162—Spring 2016—Unit 3 essay assignment

 Due Friday, May 6th in recitation or as per TA instructions

 Answer the following question in a well-written, carefully argued, 5-page, double-spaced, 1” margin, Times New Roman font essay.  Be sure to upload your essay to SafeAssign on UB Learns in addition to however your TA asks you to hand it in.


 Two groups of historical documents have been made available on UB Learns under “Course Documents” (look for “Unit 3 essay documents”).  Group A has newspaper accounts from before World War I, and Group B has newspaper accounts from after World War II.  Pick one document from Group A and one document from Group B.  Compare and contrast the two documents to explain the development of American foreign policy over time:  did the most important motivations, justifications, and actions remain the same over time, or did they change?  Explain, based on reasoning and examples presented in class lectures, readings, and recitation.


  • Focus on the most important consistencies/changes, and explain them rather than simply identifying them
  • Your goal is not to summarize the newspaper articles, but to use information about the motivations, justifications, and patterns of action from lecture, readings, and recitation to explain what you find in them.
  • Provide context for the documents by explaining the most relevant historical information required to understand them (i.e., if you choose an article about Cuba in 1898, your analysis should include an explanation of what was happening between the U.S. and Cuba in 1898; if you choose an article about Vietnam, your analysis should include an explanation of what was happening between the U.S. and Vietnam)
  • Use quotes and examples from the documents to support your points
  • Citations can be any consistent format.  If you do not have a preferred style, the easiest may be to use Word’s “insert footnote” under the “references” tab, in the following format depending on the type of source:
    • Author’s last name, date, page number
    • Herzberg, lecture [date]
    • Recitation [date]


Name Course Instructor Date History The goal of any foreign policy of any given nation in the world is to advance its national interest while safeguarding its sovereign rights in international circles. The United States Foreign Policy in the past century has been to safeguard its economic interests while establishing itself as the de facto global leaderCITATION Ser15 p 118 l 1033 (Sergent 118). Foreign policy is, therefore, a malleable tool often used by policy makers to advance their interests at any given time. Foreign policy must therefore consistently change to reflect the dynamic global order. Prior to the World War, the United States pursued a policy of Isolation with regard to global diplomatic activities choosing to remain aloof from interfering with the local political activities of a nation. As such, the United States only got in the world Wars when its citizens and economic activities were directly threatened. After the World Wars, the United States abandoned this policy and begun the policy of InterventionismCITATION Hix09 p 231 l 1033 (Hixson 231). US Foreign Policy is critical as it guides how the US State Department and its agencies relate to other countries. Foreign Policy also affects US companies that may be prohibited with trading with a given country based on the foreign policy agenda of the United States. A key example of this is the Iran Sanctions placed on Iran by the US and the United NationsCITATION Dia16 p 2 l 1033 (Rennack 2). As a...

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