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Understanding Climate Change

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Understanding Climate Change


I need 4 pages of essay + 1 page annotated bibliography (3 sources) Understanding Climate Change Worth 20% of your final grade In this assignment, you must find a myth about climate change and critique the myth to show why it is wrong or misleading. The paper must be 1200 words minimum (Maximum 1500 words), essay format and address the following. NB: one page of Arial 12pt double spaced is approximately 300 words.  State and explain the myth about climate change as given by your source (and cite).  Provide evidence and clearly explain why this myth is scientifically wrong or misleading.  Discuss why, in your opinion, this myth exists. For example, is it a misunderstanding of the science; is it an intentional attempt to confuse or mislead, etc. Provide evidence if possible.  The paper must include an annotated bibliography (this is not included in your word count). You MUST make use at least two of the required readings in your paper and a minimum of three additional sources not on the required or optional reading list in writing this paper (the source of the myth counts as one of these 3). Please hand in a hard copy of your essay on October 7th at the beginning of class. Also, you must upload a copy of your assignment to the CANVAS site. Mark Breakdown: Research 4 Citations and bibliography 2 Scientific understanding 8 Clarity of writing and arguments 6 Citations and annotated bibliography do not count as part of the 1200-1500 words. I will attach some required readings too. And I need a previw rough to see whats going on in th essay. Thanks


Climatic Changes Name: Institution: Course: Date: Introduction In the last few decades, the world has seen several manifestations of the climatic changes menace play out with catastrophic results (Klein, 2015). Heat waves have become more frequent much like floods and fogs among others. Ironically very few efforts have been put in place that actually captures the gravity of the situation. Much of the policies that have devised in the repetitive global meeting have been half-baked and elementally flawed in design and intentions. While a good majority of the population understand and appreciate the severity of the situation at the moment, most of the people are hooked onto the consumerism lifestyle, without much care of their actions to the environment. The truth is, most of the efforts have been taken after calamities strike and soon after people forget it ever happened and they move on with their normal habits as if in mockery of the climatic changes (Weart, 2009). Flawed Projections The general notion that climatic changes are linear and thus predictable is one on the main reasons as to why most of the efforts that are geared towards averting the dangers of the same are poorly implemented. As Naomi Klein, points out in her book, This changes Everything Capitalism vs. The Climate, most of the projections that exist presume that climatic changes relative to the changes in the greenhouse gas emissions, temperature increases and the rising sea levels are incremental (...

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