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Unabomber: Case Review

The assignment this week is to research the Unabomber in greater detail and prepare a case review. Choose one aspect of the case, conduct further research, and report your findings. Any aspect of the case that is of interest is acceptable. Ideas include further examination of the investigation, further research into the psychological aspects of the Unabomber, a deeper examination of the Unabomber`s background, or more examination of the press.
UNABOMBER: CASE REVIEWName:Course title:Instructor:Institution:Date Due: Introduction The Unabomber, whose real name is Theodore Kaczinski, was a re-known criminal who was involved in bomb attacks. Between 1978 and 1995, he executed more than 16 bomb attacks in various universities and airlines. His Unabomber nickname was derived from his nature of bombings that were mainly aimed at universities and airlines. In spite of an extensive search and investigation that went for years, and by several security agents including FBI, it was hard to track down this person. In the year 1995, he requested several newspapers to publish his manifesto on the internet in return to his desisting from terrorism activities. The FBI arrested him after a tip off by his brother who had recognized the writing style in the manifesto posted by several newspapers (Newseum, 2012).The Unabomber and his Psychological Aspects In his manifesto, which he posted in several newspapers, Mr. Kaczinski, talks several times of his own “prevalent psychological affliction”. According to him, this is because of industrial innovations and its repercussions in the world perspectives. He repeats this points several times in his manifesto by using different words such as his ‘depression" and anxiety". He attributes this to what he considers the “disruptions of the power process” which technology has brought. The physician examining the Unabomber`s mental status, Dr Johnson claimed that, the man had been affected by psychological condition known as paranoid schizophrenia. This report was based on her physically evaluation of the Unabomber, his family members and his relatives. Additionally, the doctor made close analysis on her psychological tests of the Unabomber as well as his writings, which portrayed many aspects of his personal life. In her analysis, the doctor related Kaczinski`s lack of interpersonal relations and delusional thinking as instances of his sickness. In essence, the Unabomber preferred to live in isolation as his delusions continued to multiply as years went by. Much of his writing portrays a sense of suspicion, social alienation and great anger (Cooijmans, 2005).After the Unabomber was arrested, and convicted, his...

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