Aug 07, 2017

Types of Leadership Styles in the Episode

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Types of Leadership Styles in the Episode: Pressure Point

please watch the following episode (twelve oclock high season 1 episode 6 pressure point) and write an essay based on only this episode and relate it with the types of leadership, you can use this book (Leading Change: The Argument for Values-Based Leadership. O`Toole, James. 1996. New York, NY: Jossey- Bass Inc. Publishers) in order to help you define and the leadership styles in the episode. the book is a required text for my leadership class and the essay is my final exam for this semester so please if you find anything that is unclear let me know. note: please hence that the sources are the episode and the book, try to synthesize the essay with both. 80% of the essay should be on the tv episode and how its related to leadership topic. thank you
Types of Leadership Styles in the Episode: Pressure PointName:Course title:Instructor:Institution:Date Due: Types of Leadership Styles in the Episode: Pressure PointThere exist different types of leadership in different entities. Each leadership style has some pros and cons for both the leaders and followers. The customs and visions of the entity at a particular time determine the kind of leadership style to be employed. O`Toole observes that people in different entities do possess different values and different preferences (1996). This is the reason as to why there are conflicts, disagreements and misdirection in many sectors of the society, otherwise there would be no need of leadership at all (O`Toole, 1996). This paper explores the different leadership styles adapted by the characters in the twelve o`clock high season 1 episode six, pressure point.In the book “Leading Change: The Argument for Values-Based Leadership”, O`Toole expresses that people have a tendency of following leaders who have the capability and motivation of leading them towards their destination. In the episode, the character in Norman Fell displays this tendency of leadership when he puts faith in Mart Hulswit. Norman appoints Mart, one of the soldiers in his camp to act as the leader in the American and Nazi combat, but he ends up being disappointed since the boy is inexperienced and cannot handle the task efficiently. James Franciscus and his company of Roger Perry, The Masquers and H.M Wynant in the crew also depict this leadership style. Although Franciscus had wanted to be the pilot of the plane in which they were flying, they could not let him since they were suspicious of him. The British bomb expert on whom the army heavily depended in order to destroy Nazi rocket project factories gives another example. Though the British man was a drunkard, the soldiers still found him useful owing to his expertise in matters related to bombs. Doughboy was also a dependent combat member who is heavily relied upon by other members to save the situation in German ground combat (Turley, 2011). According to O`Toole, effective leaders are those who set aside their personal interests and avoid autocratic type of leadership. These leaders must be focused on the common interests of the people they are leading. Bellamy, who is the navy commander, is not in good terms with Gallagher, the air force commander and this is because of personal prejudices. Both the navy and the air force are supposed to work together in enhancing the nation`s security. According to O`Toole, leaders are supposed to set their interests or prejudices apart for the sake of common interests and good.Quoting Madison, “the nation`s leaders ne...

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