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Tourism profile in Singapore

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Tourism profile in Singapore: Tourism Essay

Require: I WANNA DO THE COUNTRY : SINGAPORE 1. Assignment Information 1. Name: Tourism Profile 2. Instructions Each student will be required to submit a Tourism Profile of a state within the United States or a country. The state or country will be selected early in the semester. Use footnotes and bibliography where appropriate. Papers should be a minimum of 8 (double spaced) pages in length. Neatness and accuracy are essential. Proof read! Grammatical and spelling errors will result in grade reductions. The paper will be required to include a cover page indicating title, student name, date and course number. The project is due on the calendar date indicated. The following factors are to be addressed: Profile 1. The role and significance of major cities 2. Economic and social implications of tourism 3. Cultural factors 4. Climate and Topography 5. Demographics 6. Major tourists attractions 7. Markets and competitive advantages and disadvantages 8. Existing tourist infrastructure 9. The role of the State Department of Tourism or National Tourism Organization. 10. Conclusions 11. Recommendations 12. Bibliography 3. Due Date April 23, 2013 11:59:00 PM PDT 4. Points Possible 100
Name:Course:Instructor:Date:Tourism profile in SingaporeTourism is the activity by which people or a group of people travels outside their locality or environment and move to outside localities beyond theirs for business, fun or for leisure. For this activity to be considered as tourism, it must not to exceed one year. Tourism involves many activities, which includes; visiting a particular place with an intention of exploring the innovative opportunities, seeing and copying the major developments of the host and introduces them to their place, interaction with the people of the hosting environment, watching the beautiful sceneries and wildlife. The host locality, which may be a country benefits from the money paid by this tourist as an exchange for the privileges, granted to them. It promotes to educational, cultural, social and economic developments. These paper addresses profile of tourism in Singapore, the contributing features, the resultant benefits of tourism to a country and the roles of various tourism sectors in a state. It also provides a conclusion on the topic o discussion.Singapore is an island made up of some other sixty-three small islands; it is located between Indonesia and Malaysia southeast of Asia. The word Singapore denotes both the name of the country and its capital. The country has an area of 710km sq, and a population of about 5.5 million people as the 2012 census. Most of the lands in Singapore is being reclaimed and used for irrigation. English is one of the four languages mostly used in this country making it easier for the tourists who visit the country to communicate efficiently. Singapore attracts more than thirteen million tourists every year. This number is more than twice of Singapore population. This makes tourism the most contributor of the Singapore`s national economy. Its rated as one of the most secure countries in the world, making it safe for tourists who visit the country (Picard, et all, pg 89).The country lies at an attitude of 15 meters above the sea level; the highest point is 165 meters above the sea level, which is bukit timah. This area consists of valleys and hills. The valleys comprise of sedimentary rocks in the northwest, to the eastern region, the area is composed of sandy, flatter land. Equator lies just 1 degree to the south of the country this makes the country to experience a wonderful climate, characterized by some hotness and pressure that are well spread throughout the year. Although it is hard to distinct the real seasons in the country, it receives an average of 2344mm of rainfall annually. This makes it suitable for the agricultural practices carried mostly on the reclaimed land. The country`s islands are surrounded by the Indian Ocean which makes better ground for fishing. The activity constitutes one of the highest earnings in the land with it constituting 0.2% of the gross domestic product and also it employs some 0.2 of the total workforce in the country.Singapore is very rich in...

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