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Topic: Writing Skills Testing and Assessment Research Assignment

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Topic: Writing Skills Testing and Assessment Research Assignment


This assignment develops group working skills and test development skills. 
my part is writing skill i will upload a chapter which is you will develop the test from it .the sample or the example i will upload contain many parts such as the test paper, the instruction for student, teacher and administration. and etc.... please write all the parts of writing.
please write 4 tasks of writing skill 
i will upload the instruction please follow it 
my part is just writing skill.
follow the writing skill on the example. 
(this chapter for middle school )
dear writer, sorry for the delay 
i would like to work on:
1-Test items (test paper)
2-Guidelines for test users (administration, assessment) teacher and students – this includes information for test administrators and assessors. Anyone who uses the test can administer the test as you intend and also can assess test-taker performances.
3-Test specifications - blue print of the test. Please google and find a good sample of test specifications. 
2 Other materials (e.g. Listening texts, task card for speaking test, marking sheet (not marking guideline)
for my part (writing skill) marking sheet out off 20% 


Writing Skills Testing and Assessment Your Name September 29, 2016 Your Institution of Affiliation Writing Skills Test —O— General description One of the most important considerations that test-makers should remember in creating a test is ‘usefulness`. This aspect should be evaluated even before drafting the test itself since doing this would help to eliminate any wasted time and energy in creating inaccurate and inadequate test questionnaires that would fail to assess the things that it tries to measure in the first place CITATION Bac96 l 1033 (Bachman & Palmer, 1996). In this section, usefulness is given much consideration in creating a Writing skills test. In order to do this, two tasks are strategically employed in order to completely capture the student`s writing skill and knowledge. Specific objective: Writing task 1: The first task aims to assess and help the students write logical, comprehensible, varied, and grammatically correct sentences. The main goal of this task is to assess the student`s skills in writing a letter or a note to a friend. Writing task 2: This would be done in the form of an ‘open-ended-story-telling manner` to capture their attention fully and so that they can use it immediately in day-to-day settings. More particularly, this is to (1) assess the student`s ability to make, accept, and decline an invitation, and (2) to utilize the...

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