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Topic: Women in Mathematics, Science, and Engineering

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Topic: Women in Mathematics, Science, and Engineering


I have more attachment of the syllabus and how to put them in order step by step will be sent after this post. please read them carefully. MSE 302 Final Paper guidelines The goal of this paper is to examine your understanding of the material taught in this class, so it is expected that you demonstrate critical thinking as part of this assignment. For your final paper choose one of the following topics: Women have made tremendous progress in education and the workplace during the past 50 years. Although in some areas such as business, law, and medicine, women have made impressive gains, why are so few women becoming scientists and engineers? There are many factors that you can discuss. Below you will find some example subjects to discuss: You can analyze the effects of social norm and legal system. Which kind of science jobs are women more likely to be found in? What can be said about women`s academic achievement in science & engineering? How do women in science compare to men in terms of salary & compensation? How does the status of women in science differ from culture to culture? What strategies do you recommend that can improve women`s prospect in work environment or open a path for future opportunities in your selected field of interest. Write an essay reviewing what role have women played in the development of Science/ Engineering and technology. How has technological change affected the roles of women and ideas of gender? Assess the status of women scientist, engineer & technology in U.S. or other country. Analyze the effects of the legal system, social norms on participation of women in this field. This could include numbers, comparison of men and women employed in these fields, wage gap between men and women, challenges and opportunities that woman in these area faces today as their plan their careers. You may also emphasize special area of concern related to MSET. At the end recommend some strategies that can improve women`s prospect in work environment as well as opening a path for future opportunities in your selected country. Women`s Perseverance in STEM: Past and Present. The world is going through rapid changes so much; so that it can be hard to recognize that this is  the same place we grew up in. But despite all of these rapidly changing trends and behaviors we  see, many aren`t so new. In the past men and women have competed to curry the favor of the  opposite sex. Men and women today, just like it has been for centuries, work hard to provide for  their families and deal with the troubles that people of the world are yet to find are caused by  some of their own behaviors. So, you may can use this to compare how much has changed and how  most of it at its core has stayed the very same — the pursuit of happiness for a better life.  Write an essay reviewing the status of women at California State University Northridge (CSUN) undergraduates, graduates, faculty or staff. Write about how the status of women has changed during the past two decade. Data must be included. You may find useful information at: www.csun.edu/assessment Follow following guidelines: Your report should be neat, free of grammatical errors and easy to follow. Your paper should be 8-10 pages long, double spaced using Time New Romans font size 12. You can use course readings/Power point slides. You must reference at least six resources other than course required readings. Adding statistical information may help in supporting your argument. Your header should include the title and author at top of each page. Your paper should include an introduction and have an end with conclusion section. Appropriate figures and tables could be included. Submit your paper in MS Word, or PDF only. Papers will be evaluated and graded based on the following criteria: Originality, obviously your input in it, not copied Effort/interest showed, excellent preparation Good illustration/description, topic clearly explained & sharp writing Academic Honesty:  Academic dishonesty is a completely unacceptable mode of conduct and will not be tolerated in any form at The California State University Northridge. All persons involved in academic dishonesty will be disciplined in accordance with University regulations and procedures. Discipline may include suspension or expulsion from the University. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, collusion, the submission for credit of any work or materials that are attributable in whole or in part to another person. The instructor reserves the right to submit your papers to turnitin.com for identifying papers containing unoriginal material. Assignments: Students are expected to complete the following assignments (mid-term exam, final exam and final paper. The assignments will be available as we go on throughout the semester on the moodle. All the assignments must be submitted through the moodle. Please note that your final paper is required to be uploaded in to the Turnitin to verify the originality. If the originality of your work exceeds more than 25%., your grade will be affected accordingly.


Name: Professor: Course: Date: Women in Mathematics, Science and Engineering INTRODUCTION Women are substantially underrepresented in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics workforce which has remained to be America`s valuable tool to innovation and helping it attain a global competitive edge (David Beede 11).Despite the fact women make up half the U.S population, they are not well represented in this STEM workforce even the number of women having the STEM degree are so few that it then leaves an opportunity that is untapped hence inhibiting the expansion of the STEM employment in the United States even if as a nation there is an agreement, that it should increase its competitiveness. You will realize that even if the share of the overall workforce was occupied by the college- educated women, less than 25 percent occupied STEM jobs (David Beede 6). But those that got an opportunity to do so, they earned 33 percent more than those that occupied non-STEM jobs. This percent was also relatively higher than the STEM premium offered to men. Therefore, for this reason, the wage gap is smaller in STEM jobs as compared to those in non-stem jobs. There are many factors that contribute to all the discrepancies of women and men in STEM jobs. Some of them are including nonexistence of female role models, stereotyping of gender, lack of family-friendly flexibility in the STEM fields, social norms, and legal systems. This paper aims at shedding light on why t...

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