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Topic: Whistle Blowing in Organizations

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Topic: Whistle Blowing in Organizations


Please write a paper on what factors contribute to employees becoming whistle-blowers? In addition, how could you as an organizational/corporate leader develop policies, procedures, and culture to provide proactive mechanisms to avoid the need for whistle-blowing? The paper should be written in APA format. Your paper should be four pages (4) with a minimum of five (5) references (at least three references from Academic databases, such as EbscoHost, ProQuest, Google Scholar or LexisNexis). Remember you are graded on demonstrating achievement of the expected Student Learning Outcomes on the homepage of the course, which you should also review to prepare for writing your assignment. Please include a Cover Page and a References page. Also, be mindful of plagiarism and cite your sources! Prompt: Content Expectations for your paper include: 1. Introduction including factual background and thesis statement. 2. Identification and discussion of ethical, legal and industry related business issues at controversy in the case at hand. 3. Application of research, course terminology and themes to analyze the case study. 4. Discussion of how the case and issues at hand were resolved. 5. Personal opinions with researched support and justification for your insights on the relevancy, sustainability, social, environmental, financial, or other applicable value of the resolution. 6. Conclusion including discussion of the implications and personal evaluation of the case for the future of domestic and international business ethics, regulatory/legal standards, corporate social responsibility, and corporate leadership issues within the context of 21st century precedents.


Whistle Blowing in Organizations Name: Institution: Whistle Blowing in Organizations Whistle blowing refers to when an employee in an organization exposes wrongdoing by the corporate to the public, internal, or external authorities. Whistle-blowers are usually people or employees with enough knowledge about the organization’s undertakings and are keen to raise any illegal or dangerous practices in their companies. They can choose to disclose the organization’s illegal activities either internally by reporting to the leaders or other employees within the company or externally by disclosing the information to a third party such as the media. Whistle-blowers always face harsh consequences as their actions can lead to demotion, suspensions, termination of work, harassment or discrimination by the other employees or leaders within the company. Currently, there are increasing cases of whistle blowing in many organizations all over the world. This paper will look at the factors that contribute to employees becoming whistle-blowers and how a corporate leader can develop policies, procedures, and culture to provide proactive mechanisms to avoid the need for whistle blowing. Since the 1980s, there is increasing body of law that provides protection to the whistle-blowers on dangerous or illegal practices b...

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