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Topic: Week 7 report sustainable

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Topic: Week 7 report sustainable


write this subjectively Please choose a building material or component that you have some familiarity with or curiosity about. It could be a material, such as concrete, stone, wood, or glass - or it could be a building component, such as a foundation, decking, cladding or fenestration. (It can be something else of course – these are examples.) Please report what you can find out about the history of the component or material. Where does it come from? How was it processed, refined, manufactured or otherwise altered? Is it abundant or relatively scarce? Does it play a crucial role in natural capital or ecosystem services? How would it be transported to where you live? (Warning: if you pick a complicated product, such as a piece of equipment, it will be harder to learn its history - if you choose a complicated product, tell us as much as you can.) Please describe how the material or component will be, or could be, used in some way you`re familiar with: in a building you`re helping to design, engineer or build, or as a material you might purchase for use in the place you live, or as something that might be purchased and used by someone you know well, or as something that might be used where you work. Describe what that material or component is going to do in this particular situation. Please report what you can find out about the future of the material or component in the use you describe. How long will it likely last? How durable or easy to maintain will it be? What role will it play? Will it affect energy consumption or water consumption? Will it have any health impacts on people? Will it interact with weather and/or moisture? Will it provide a service of some kind to people? Will it mainly serve an aesthetic purpose? In other words, what`s the future story of this material or component during its use in the particular setting you`ve described? Please include what you can find out about the likely fate of the material or component when it no longer is in service. How will it be disposed of? Could it be reused or recycled? Does it contain substances that should stay out of the biosphere?


WEEK 7 REPORT SUSTAINABLE Student`s Name Course Date Structural Glass In building the skin is a vital architectural consideration. A building system that combines both the performance and aesthetic is highly desirable. The use of glass as a building envelope material has been on the rise since its discovery as a building material. In the twentieth century its use accelerated due to the “development of high-rise steel framing systems and curtain wall cladding techniques.” There have been little changes in the use of glass as building skin envelope. However, much has changed in building arts as much as aesthetics and performance are concerned as well as structural systems.[Behling, Sophia, and Stefan Behling. Glass: structure a


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