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Topic: Week 7 - Practice Question 6: Career Development/Life Plan

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Topic: Week 7 - Practice Question 6: Career Development/Life Plan


Question 6: Career Development/Life Plan Instructions: Course programs are organized to help provide the student with a well-rounded, balanced curriculum of interrelated courses. These courses are to help stimulate and facilitate learning on a higher-level for graduate students, but sometimes the higher-level or order of thinking is not fully utilized to its fullest extent. In many instances, students are asked to recall, comprehend, and apply given concepts, issues, and theories – instead of analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating their importance or relevance to one’s future career aspirations. Thus, one’s countless hours of studies to obtain a degree may mean just that – a degree in a physical sense, not a practice one. After completing your coursework, how can you use your coursework in your current and future career plans? Have you been able to incorporate and utilize the various elements of learning (concepts, theories, issues, discussions) into your current work situation? Please provide a detailed discussion of this potential application process of your coursework. Specifically, do you think that you will be able to carry over the knowledge gained in your coursework into your future career plans? Were there specific courses that you considered more important than others in terms of your personal and professional development? Were there courses that you helped you to achieve more personal and professional enrichment? As noted before, please be as detailed as possible in your answering and justification of your responses. Finally, upon successful completion of this program of study, you will become a new graduate of APUS. As a future APUS graduate, you may have recommendations and/or suggestions for your given program of study – so this is an opportunity to illustrate such recommendations and/or suggestions in terms of offering these thoughts in a precise and analytical manner. From the perspective of your given discipline, should there be any changes or modifications to strengthen the course offerings in your program of study?


Career Development/Life Plan Student`s Name Professor`s Name Course Name Date INTRODUCTION The purpose of course programs in any learning institution is to enable students to have a comprehensive and balanced curriculum of interrelated courses that are relevant to the program. Through these courses, a graduate student can expedite and arouse learning in a zealous way. The problem comes in when the outline of the courses are not fully implemented in the learning process and when the order of thinking is not actualized entirely. It is quite clear that the learning process for most programs like business and marketing is based on theoretical perspective before it can be applied physically. It is for this reason that students are tested to evoke, twig and apply specific concepts, issues, and theories (Harrison, 2012). It is important that professional programs such as business and marketing prepare students to become professional practitioners in the various fields there are pursuing. In most cases, students in internships and workplaces find it difficult making a transition from theory to practice with effectiveness and confidence. In most cases, this failure results from failure of most courses to integrate theory and practice in a manner that is relevant and meaningful to students. The fact that most course programs are physical rather than a practical mean that the students have to work a way to make their degree relevant in their current and future career plans....

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