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Topic: Week 5: Strategic Management of the Coca-Cola Company

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Topic: Week 5: Strategic Management of the Coca-Cola Company


The project may draw on items from the online environment—newspapers, magazines, and websites—to provide current (i.e., within the last year) examples of course-related topics (i.e., business strategy from this week`s reading assignment). Relevance and probable interest to the class are especially welcome. These items should be accompanied by a one- to two-page report (using bullet points). Be sure to use specific course concepts from the readings in Chapters 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. Examples are: Competitive Advantage-Porter’s Generic Strategies (page 162), The Experience Curve (page 165), Industry Life Cycle Stages (pages 187–189), Turnaround Strategies (pages 193–195), Vertical Integration (pages 210–214), Portfolio Management and the BCG Matrix (pages 216–226), Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures (pages 226–228), Competitive Dynamics (pages 299–306), Culture (pages 322–330), and Organization Structure (pages 357–385).

Be sure you include the news article or a summary, as well as the one- to two-page report using bullet points that fully addresses the following points in this order.

The organization you have chosen for your Course Project by name. (I HAVE CHOSEN COCA-COLA)

Why and how the news material is important and relevant to the course content using specific course concepts from this week`s assigned reading by citing the name of the concept and the page it is located on in the textbook.

What practical managerial implications the material has.


Strategic management Student Name Professor Name Course Title Date The Coca-Cola Company produces syrup concentrate and sells it to numerous bottlers` companies throughout the globe. The Coca Cola Company implemented plans to purchase the Coca-Cola Enterprises, its largest bottler to expand more control of production and distribution. The company also announced plans of acquiring German bottling operations. According to the vertical integration concept, (pp 210-214) a company can become its own supplier or producer by integrating preceding or successive manufacturing processes. The firm can adopt backward integration by incorporating mo


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