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Topic: Week 3 Case Analysis Paper: General Motors (GM) Company

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Topic: Week 3 Case Analysis Paper: General Motors (GM) Company


I gave you my username and password last week to access the textbook.
Choose a case from the textbook for this assignment from the following list.
Case 7 - United Way 
Case 8 - General Motors 
Case 10 - McDonalds 
Case 12 - Yahoo 
Case 13 - QVC 
Case 17 - Reader’s Digest 
Case 18 - Ford 
Case 20 - Apple 
Case 21 - Southwest 
Case 24 - Nintendo 
Case 34 - Dippin’ Dots 
State the company name, website address, and industry.
Briefly describe the company in the case analysis. What is their primary business, who were the officers or key players described in the case study? If the case study company is currently in business, list the company’s current CEO, total sales, and profit or loss for the last year where data is available. Identify key events or phases in the company’s history. Describe the performance of this company in the industry. Visit the company’s website and use http://finance.yahoo.com and/or some other financial search engine to find this data. (15 points)
NOTE: Make sure to use APA citations throughout the paper. The textbook should be cited if it is the source of information. If you are not familiar with APA citation, check out the tutorial APA Guidelines for Citing Sources at the end of the course Syllabus. There are videos to help you with the APA format and business research in the Week 1 Lecture. 
Analyze the competitive environment by listing the threat of new entrants, the bargaining power of buyers, the bargaining power of suppliers, the threat of substitute products and services, and the intensity of rivalry among competitors in the industry (Chapter 2). Summarize your key points in a figure. (25 points)
How does this company create and sustain a competitive advantage? What strategy from the readings was undertaken by this company? Were they successful? Can all companies use this strategy? How is the strategy affected by the life cycle in the industry? Remember to reference Porter’s generic strategies identified in Chapter 5 of the textbook, THIS IS CRITICAL. (40 points)
Specific STRATEGY(S) 
Choose two specific strategies from this list.
- Ensuring Coherence in Strategic Direction (pages 26–32) 
- Value Chain Analysis (pages 81–93)
- Resource View of Firm (pages 93–104)
- Industry Life Cycle Strategies (pages 187–195)
- Portfolio Management (pages 214–220)
Apply them in detail to the organization. Be sure to think strategically and show the results clearly. Use the strategy as a sub-header for each section so it is clear what is being applied. (40 points)
If you were in a position to advise this company, what strategy would you recommend to sustain competitive advantage and achieve future growth? Be specific and list the steps the company should take for successful implementation of your course of action. (15 points)
What do you think of this case study? Describe what you believe are the lessons learned from this case. (10 points)
When you have completed the paper using the above sections, insert a page break and have a separate reference page. The references should be listed in accordance with the APA guidelines as shown in the tutorial. (5 points)
• Use a title page. 
• Font: Use Times New Roman, 12 point.
• Place your name in the upper left hand corner of the page.
• Each section of your paper should be headed by the bolded, capitalized item described above. 
• Indent paragraphs.
• Insert page numbers bottom right.
• Paper length should be four to six double-spaced pages not including title page, references, or illustrations and tables.
• Use APA citations throughout the paper. If you are not familiar with APA citation, refer to tutorial, which is contained in the last section of our course Syllabus.
• Include a separate reference page at the end of the paper.
• Please prepare reference page as follows.
Dess, G., Lumpkin, G., & Eisner, A. (2012). Strategic Management (6e). Boston: McGraw-Hill Irwin.


Case analysis Student Name Professor Name Course Title Date BACKGROUND AND HISTORY General Motors (GM) company is an American multinational company based in Detroit, Michigan. The company is in automotive industry where it designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes vehicles and vehicle parts. William Durant, Charles Stewart, and Frederic Smith founded the company in 1908. Previously the company`s name was General Motors Corporation, but changed to General Motors Company in 2009 after bankruptcy restructuring (Bosco & Plante, 2013). The bankruptcy happened after the government pushed the company to slash costs and in return provide 50 million US dollars emergency funding. Government intervention led to resignation of the chief executive officer Richard Wagoner and replaced by Frederick Henderson on temporary basis. Months later Edward Whitaker who served up to September 2010 replaced him. Daniel Ackerson was appointed to run the company for a long period. General Motors current Chief Executive Officer is Mary Barra, Barra has served as the company CEO since January 2014. The company brands include Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, Opel, Wuling, Holden, Jiefang, Vauxhall, and OnStar. The automobile company global sales increased by 0.2 percent in 2015 to 9.8 million vehicles. In addition, the company reported a profit of 9.7 billion US dollars (General Motors, 2016). Founded in 1908, the GM has had many key events throughout the y


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