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Topic: Violence: Extremely Psychologically Damage to the Victims

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Topic: Violence: Extremely Psychologically Damage to the Victims


Page one red topic, then students post to topic. You write about: respond to students post. Tell what you like about it, if you have any questions ask them. Topic: To me violence is a type of crime. It may be violence against one person (personal or stranger), a group, a community, or society as a whole. Three of the most horrific crimes are domestic violence, child abuse/molestation, and rape. Discuss your knowledge of the effects these three crimes have on individuals and society as a whole Post: 
These types of violent crimes, while obviously physical, are also extremely psychologically damaging to the victims. Victims of all these types of violence frequently come to believe that they bring the abuse on themselves and are deserving of the pain they are caused. Often times, victims of domestic violence become dependent on their abuser and attempt to make excuses for their actions. They begin to identify with their abuser, thus becoming more blinded to the fact that they are abused. 
Child abuse and molestation are two even more traumatizing forms of violence because the abuse takes in the most formative years of life. Children grow up thinking abuse is just the way it is and have an unyielding feeling of guilt and shame that most all carry into adulthood. The affects of their abuse drives their decisions and beliefs as adults. 
Rape is extremely traumatizing because of the dehumanizing nature of it. Victims will often think about how they may have contributed to the rape by being in the wrong place at the wrong time or not listening to someone else’s advice, when in reality it is the rapist and the rapist alone who forced sexual relations upon another person. 
Society as a whole is aware of these horrendous crimes, as we see story after story of violence on the news daily. I believe that most all lack of action is based on fear, not indifference. There have been stories of people on busy subway cars in New York City being sexually assaulted while everyone else is just standing by due to fear that they would also be harmed. While this sounds heartless, for the most part, I wouldn’t assume that people just don’t care about their fellow man; fear is paralyzing and can cause you to freeze when you would expect to act. 
Page 2: write 300 word summary of chapter 5. (in attachments) 
Page 3. write 300 word summary chapter 6 (also in attachments) 
Makes sure they are 300 a piece no less. 


Responses Name: Institution: Course: Date: Violence It is agreeable that violence is a crime regardless of whether it is directed towards a person, a group, community and the society in general. Incidences such as rape, child abuse and domestic violence are some of the most common forms of violence. While there are statistics that indicate the number of people assaulted in this manner, there are so many crimes of this nature that go unreported. As such, there is a higher number of victims that have been subjected to these forms of violence than the national data indicates. This is relative to the fact that, these are crimes that have a psychological aspect. This is to mean that, the perpetrators tend to intimidate their victims to the point that they are afraid of reporting the incidences for the fear of their lives or the social and cultural implications. Victims believe that they are deserving of the violence and as such do not see the perpetrators in the wrong. Rather, they are psychologically manipulated to bel


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