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Topic: Upcoming Challenges Confronting the Upcoming President-Elected

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Topic: Upcoming Challenges Confronting the Upcoming President-Elected


Upcoming Challenges Confronting the President-elect
Upcoming Challenges Confronting the President-elect
Due:Nov 22, 2016, 10:00 AM
As you know, our society has just emerged from a particularly divisive Presidential election. Regardless of which candidate would have won, it is obvious that a very large number of the people in our society would have been dissatisfied with the outcome. As with any incoming President, either victor will have to face a bewildering range of terribly difficulty problems and issues.
For this assignment, you are to identify what you regard to be the top three (3) issues or problem areas you believe our President-elect will be facing. For EACH of them, you are to do the following things.
1. Clearly state what the problem area or issue is.
2. Drawing on primarily one of the three major sociological perspectives (Functionalism, Conflict, and, Symbolic Interactionism), explain why it IS problematic.
3. Thinking from the perspective of being a key Advisor to the President-elect, what would you propose as a solution?
4. When making your recommendation, do so from a sociological rationale which taps concepts and theories you have encountered in this course to date as justification. Among other things on which you may draw, be sure to specifically incorporate a line of reasoning that utilizes one or more of the four basic social processes (exchange, cooperation, competition and conflict).
Begin with a well articulated introductory paragraph. Each problem area or issue should then command at least one paragraph. Feel free to use more if good presentational style would seem to require it. Finally, be sure to avoid misspelled words and to be in conformity with the kinds of things specifically mentioned in the `Writing Standards for This Course` document.


Name Instructor Course Date Upcoming Challenges Facing the President- Elected The recently concluded U.S elections ended with the best candidate winning. Although, the elections outcomes would likely to leave a huge percentage of people dissatisfied with the results. However, the results are out and we have a new president in office. There are key social problems and challenges the president is likely to face in his tenure in office. The factors arise from the president`s potential plans to the implementation strategies he would prospecti


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